Taeknizon to transform financial services with LuLu Exchange

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Taeknizon, a leading company providing private cloud services in the Middle East and Asia, was chosen by LuLu International Exchange, the top three financial services provider in the United Arab Emirates, to transform its operations and move critical IT infrastructure and applications to the cloud. LuLu International Exchange is using Taekni Cloud services of Taeknizon to speed up infrastructure consolidation and cost optimization in multi-cloud environments.

Foreign exchange and global money transfer specialists receive expert end-to-end support for their cloud migration with the ability to scale-up locally and worldwide. Taeknizon provides a complete cloud migration strategy with local knowledge and expertise. LuLu International Exchange benefits from all the data hosted locally in Taekni Cloud Infrastructure of Taeknizon at the Tier III data center in the UAE, assuring minimal risk and best performance.

“When making the move to the cloud, it is critical for financial services companies to ensure regulatory compliance and understand where their data is hosted. We understood LuLu International Exchange’s requirements and developed a solution that would go beyond public cloud capabilities and give them a trusted, secure and local solution,” said Anithan Chandran, Group COO, Taeknizon Middle East and Asia. “It offers the best of both worlds while delivering benefits like increased uptime and reliability at a lower cost than traditional IT infrastructure. We are proud to have LuLu Exchange on our cloud and are looking forward to adding more value to its business.”

Taeknizon’s solution ensures that data sovereignty is maintained, and the internal and customer data of LuLu International Exchange is protected. The solution was rolled out within three months and delivered with Taeknizon’s high-security standards, flexible model, and commitment to customer service.

“High performance and proactive customer service are critical to the success of any financial business. This is why we required a service provider who would offer us flexible plans, 24/7 support services and reliable infrastructure with security standards and data sovereignty we could trust. Taeknizon ticked all the right boxes for us in these aspects,” said Joseph Cleetus, Head of Business Transformation at LuLu Exchange Financial Group. “The transition to Taeknizon’s Taekni Cloud went smoothly, without causing any disruption of service to our customers. We experienced five major benefits in our switch from public cloud to Taekni Cloud: more capacity, higher performance, stability, cost optimization and better use of our resources.” 

The Taekni Cloud services of Taeknizon include Infrastructure, Software, Backup, Security, Disaster Recovery, SIEM, SD-WAN, and Wireless all delivered with the “as a service” model. Its clients involve companies from large enterprises to SMBs, over multiple sectors such as financial institutions, education, health care, manufacturing, and retail. Some of Taeknizon’s partners include Sonicwall,, JetStor, SGBox, Hewlett-Packard, Cloudflare, and others.

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