T-Hub and Microsoft launch accelerator program for startups 

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India’s largest incubator T-Hub has joined forces with Microsoft to offer a 90-day accelerator program to startups with an aim to enable them access new revenue channels and inspect the limitations in their distribution channels and modify them.

The accelerator program was launched at the ‘Road to GES 2017’ event which was organized by T-Hub and Ink Talks. All the entrepreneurs around the world who are at the growth-stage, can apply for this program from February 2018, and 10 of them will be selected.

T-Hub will offer technology tools and solutions to the selected startups, while Microsoft will offer them help regarding sales channels, and for marketing their services or products.

“We are looking at growth stage start-ups (those who developed a product or service which is earning some revenues) for the accelerator program. We will funnel the applications to 10 in order to give a focused mentorship,” said Jay Krishnan, CEO, T-Hub. 

For the 90-day period, the selected startups will participate in all mentorship and workshops at T-Hub, and these startups will be considered as a part of T-Hub’s alumni network after the program. They will also have an opportunity to raise up to ₹1 crore from T-Fund.

“The idea is to consolidate everything we have been doing at T-Hub for two years into a 90-day program. The concept is to tightly knit everything through three avenues – product validation, market validation and revenue validation,” Jay Krishnan further added.

He told reporters that the accelerator program is for the startups in the areas of health tech, fintech, agri tech, AI, and machine learning.

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The accelerator program will begin from February 2018, and will be conducted in three batches during the year. Every batch will have 10 startups, and applications for it are now open.

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