Stay Assured Against Emergencies with Medical Insurance. Here’s How


In today’s time, quality healthcare has become a privilege. Changing lifestyle habits, an increase in pollution levels, and many other factors can have a severe impact on your health, which might lead to various health diseases. No one plans to get sick, but we all need medical care at some point or another.

Having a health insurance policy is essential these days because medical care is expensive, especially in the private sector. Hospitalization expenses can burn a massive hole in your pocket and disturb your finances. The policy usually covers payments made towards doctor consultation fees, costs towards medical tests, ambulance charges, hospitalization costs, and even post-hospitalization recovery costs to a certain extent.

Here’s how health insurance can help you in times of medical emergencies:

Protects Your Savings

Medical emergencies are unpredictable. With the rising costs of healthcare, getting the best quality treatment has become an expensive affair. Hospitalization expenses, doctor’s fees, vaccinations, and other costs can drain all your savings. However, opting for an adequate health insurance plan protects your savings from such medical contingencies and reduces the amount spent from your pocket.

Health insurance reimburses the expenses incurred from illness or injury or pays the healthcare provider directly. You can choose from a variety of plans, such as individual health insurance, family health insurance, and critical illness insurance.

Ensures You Get Quality Treatment

With the evolution of medical science, we now have a lot of new technologies that help in curing diseases. However, getting advanced healthcare treatment is not always affordable.

Health insurance provides quality healthcare facilities in a hassle-free manner without making you feel worried about paying medical bills. Most insurance policies have a cashless treatment, wherein the insurance company directly settles bills with the hospital. In such types of plans, there is a network of hospitals where you can get the required treatment.

Provides Medical Facility Anywhere

One of the significant benefits of buying health insurance is that it helps you get immediate medical attention in times of an emergency. You can visit a network hospital under the chosen insurer and receive medical care even outside your city without having to make a payment to the hospital.

The expenses covered under the insurance plan include the admission charges, room charges, cost of treatment, doctor/specialist fees, and ambulance cost. In case you face financial problems during an emergency medical procedure, network hospitals work like a saving grace. You get quality medical care without the need to pay for the treatment, even when you are far from home. Reputable insurers such as TATA AIG offer comprehensive health insurance plans that cover your medical expenses related to Inpatient & Day Care Hospitalization incurred outside India.

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Covers Critical Illnesses

Critical illnesses like cancers, brain tumors, and depression, are taking over the world at a fast rate. You may suffer from these health conditions even if you do not have a family history. Getting the required medical treatment for these severe illnesses is highly expensive.

You need not worry as a health insurance policy with a critical illness rider can help you live a worry-free life. Based on the coverage limits of your plan, you can easily deal with the finances related to paying the hefty bills for the treatment of your health condition. Also, you can avail cashless hospitalization to get quality treatment in the listed network hospitals as an emergency knocks on your door.

A health insurance or medical insurance plan is an essential requirement for you to protect your health and your savings. You must research and compare health plans wisely to choose the best plan for your family’s secure future.

Guest Author- Kunal Hirwani

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