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Sparkle and TIM Brasil together for the protection of the A2P SMS network

A2P SMS network

Sparkle, the first international service provider in Italy and one of the top ten global operators, and TIM Brasil, one of the main TLC players in the Brazilian market, have successfully started a collaboration aimed at protecting the Application to Person (A2P) SMS network from fraudulent routing and illicit bypass attempts. Through a customized solution powered by Vox Technologies, all A2P messages to TIM Brasil’s customers are effectively delivered and monetized.

Healthcare, banking, transportation, travel, and other verticals are increasingly using A2P SMS to send notice, authentication and confirmation messages to their customers. The growth of A2P traffic opens up significant revenue opportunities for mobile operators, who must protect their networks from fraudulent routing and illicit bypass incidents to guarantee a reliable, high quality and secure delivery.

Sparkle SMS Booster is the most comprehensive A2P protection solution available on the market, enabling mobile operators to detect and block spam and fraudulent traffic before they impact the end user and thus monetize their networks optimally.

Thanks to the collaboration between the two TIM Group companies, TIM Brasil’s A2P SMS network is monitored and protected by Sparkle through Vox Technologies’ VOX360 anti-fraud platform, which uses sophisticated data analytics, AI, and business intelligence technologies to reduce and prevent fraudulent activities. Billions of SMS are analysed every month to make sure that all messages are delivered to TIM Brasil’s end users via official channels and overall security.

Using its SMS Booster solution and on the capillarity of its network, Sparkle establishes itself as the reference A2P SMS antifraud partner for companies and organisations worldwide.

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