Skype 8.0 rolls out with free HD video and screen-sharing calls

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Skype 8.0

Microsoft has released the latest version of Skype for desktop (Skype 8.0), replacing the Skype 7.0 (Skype classic).

The latest Skype desktop app will offer new calling features and more, while keeping it simple to use and familiar user interface like previous version.

  • Skype 8.0 features

Among the new features, the most noteworthy is support for free high-definition video calls (1080 pixels) as well as screen-sharing calls. The new experience allows up to 24 users to share their screens and share items like Word documents.

Skype 8.0 makes the messaging experience more productive, allowing users react to messages according to feelings. Also, users can now grab the attention of a person in the group chat using @mentions.

Another new feature included in Skype latest version is chat media gallery that collects the files, links, and photos shared in a conversation. This gallery will be separate for every user which can be accessed from Gallery option under the chat name.

Further, users can now share photos, videos and other files up to 300 MB at a time, by easily dragging and dropping files into conversation window. From the application settings, the color and theme for Skype client can be customized.

“Skype has always been about bringing people together. We continue to be driven by the opportunity to connect our global community of hundreds of millions, empowering them to feel closer and achieve more together,” wrote Skype team in a blog post.

“As we pursue these goals, we’re always looking for new ways to enhance the experience, improve quality and reliability, and connect people from any device.”

  • Planned features

Moving ahead, Skype is planning to roll out more features later this summer. Skype 8.0 will come to iPad with all the featured mentioned above. Users will be able to see the avatar of person who reads the message in a group conversation.

Skype is also planning to boost the privacy, bringing end-to-end encryption to Skype audio calls and text messages. Another planned feature for Skype is call recording capability to record important meetings with colleagues. When a call is recorded, the other user(s) will be notified.

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The company also mentioned to include profile invites and group links in future. Skype 7.0 will be permanently shut down after September 1, 2018, which means every Skype user will have to upgrade to the latest version.

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