Six expert tips for succeeding in a new job

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There is hardly anybody who doesn’t feel nervous on the first day of their new job. Whether this is your very first job, or you have massive work experience – in both cases you are bound to be eager about creating a good first impression.

Every company has an onboarding process in place to ensure new hires are acquainted with the company culture. It’s a great way of learning more about the company and understanding your responsibilities so you can excel at them.

To ensure you start off on the right foot, we have compiled a list of tips and tricks that experts swear by for succeeding in a new job.

  • Be polite to everyone you meet:

The number one rule that will help you stand out from the rest is how you conduct yourself. Whether you are starting a new job by working from a remote location or on the office premises, be very careful about your choice of words.

A well-behaved person automatically gains respect by showing that they are highly professional. It also shows others how you want to be treated and will minimize the chances of you getting in a conflict in the workplace.

  • Make the most of the onboarding training program:

Employees who take onboarding training seriously get to know the organization better and achieve more clarity about their role within the organization. Performing well in the onboarding training can help you create a great first impression on your manager.

Businesses today use online training software that makes it easy for employees to gain the necessary knowledge that they will need to perform well in their new jobs. Make sure you utilize this information diligently so you can use it when you start working post-onboarding.

  • Stay away from office politics:

While workplace politics exist in almost all organizations, as a new employee you should refrain from getting even remotely associated with it. A lot of employees use office politics to improve their status within the organization, but nothing surpasses good performance.

It’s best to avoid any negative tactics during your early days as they may create the wrong impression on your new manager. Your aim should always be to win on the basis of merits and not through any unfair means of succeeding.

  • Understand manager expectations:

A sure-shot way of winning in the workplace is to clearly understand what your manager expects of you. The more clarity you have about the expectations set by your manager, the higher your chances are of making a positive impression.

Whatever plans they have for you, follow and execute them to the T to show that you are a responsible employee. This builds faith in the manager that they can rely on you for doing your job well.

  • Find the best ways to communicate with your manager:

In the early days of your job, you will be needing your manager’s help quite often, be it understanding your role or getting clarity about the tasks you are assigned. Make sure you first confirm the ideal way to communicate with the manager.

Do they prefer emails over having you walk into their desk for a query? Once you identify how they prefer the communication to be, you are more likely to get the answers you need without making them feel like you are constantly on their back.


When it comes to a new job, a lot of people don’t know how to conduct themselves in a way that helps them stand out. It’s okay to feel overwhelmed, but it’s also important to make use of this opportunity to build new connections in your team. Use these tips to shine through and succeed in your new job.

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