SharePoint hub sites get significant updates ahead of Microsoft Ignite 2018

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Microsoft is releasing significant updates to SharePoint hub sites that will allow enterprises to create up to 100 hub sites, adjust sites automatically, share news from anywhere, and more.

SharePoint hub sites are building blocks of the intranet that help organizations by connecting and organizing sites based on project, department, division, region, etc. It makes it easier to discover related content like news and other site activities, apply common navigation and branding across associated sites, and search across all the associated sites.

The most significant update coming to SharePoint hub sites is more number of hub sites. Currently, the number of hub sites for an organization was limited to 50 which has now been increased to 100.

When any new hub site is created, it can be critical to associate it with the well-managed hub sites. To address that, the update brings site designs and site scripts that will automate the provisioning of new or existing modern SharePoint sites that use the custom configurations.

Also coming to the SharePoint hub sites is the option to modify the color of site header region. The administrators can adjust the header color to lighter, softer, darker or stronger one on the basis of currently applied site theme color. Further, the color can be modified to grey or black or to no emphasis.

This can be done by visiting the “Change the look” menu within upper-right gear icon of a site. A thing worth noting is that the header color can currently be modified only for SharePoint themes, and not for custom ones.

Breaking the siloes of sharing external news with hub sites, the update will allow sharing of existing news within company, news from public website, LinkedIn articles, and more.

It can be easily done by pasting the link of the source in News link option. Author can edit the image, title, and description of the news before sharing it with the hub sites. When the hub sites open the link to the news, they will be taken to the original source.

The improvements to SharePoint page editing experience will now allow users to see if somebody else is already editing that page, who that person is, and way to contact him. If someone doesn’t make any changes to the editing page, it will be automatically locked out after 5 minutes.

Microsoft has also released new web part layout options to quick links, image gallery, hero, and news. The updates will roll out to Targeted Release customers earlier next month, with global roll out completing by the end of November.

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The company had launched SharePoint hub sites last year at its Ignite conference and is now releasing the updates just ahead of this year’s Ignite that is taking place from 24-28 September.

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