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SharePoint Framework 1.7 brings together the best of Microsoft Teams and SharePoint

SharePoint Framework 1.7 brings together the best of Microsoft Teams and SharePoint

Microsoft is working on bringing the best of Microsoft Teams and SharePoint together to its customers

The tech giant recently released the SharePoint Framework v1.7, which comes with several integrations, support for new application pages, and more to allow users share customizations across SharePoint and Microsoft Teams.

With SharePoint Framework 1.7, users will be able to share Microsoft Teams tabs as web parts and application pages. Web parts provides page authors building blocks which can be used to create customized pages.

The web parts built with SharePoint Framework, will be allowed to make available as applications for Microsoft Teams.

“One key advantage is that, with built-in CDN capabilities, lists, and page hosting, you can host many or all of your application components on SharePoint, which reduces operational costs and minimizes deployment complexity,” wrote Microsoft in a blog post.

The support for new application pages brings a capability to host ‘whole-page’ experiences built with all the tools and foundation of SharePoint Framework.

Further, users will get new hosting options for web parts, like isolated web parts. The isolated web parts will allow them to manage, on a part by part basis. Developers wouldn’t need to make changes to run their web part in isolation.

Microsoft said that web parts will run within an IFRAME, differentiating the access to ambient page variables and context.

SharePoint Framework 1.7 will also offer list subscription capabilities, where users can dynamically track updates to SharePoint lists and libraries from script.

“As people use applications, they expect full application experiences: for example, that the data that is displayed should be fresh and always up to date.  This is especially true for SharePoint – because SharePoint is inherently collaborative, files and list items an app might be working may be frequently updated by others during the lifetime of an application,” added Microsoft.

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The new capabilities mentioned above are now available for preview.

Other than these, Microsoft announced general availability of some of the services which were available for preview till now. These services include Dynamic Data and Web Part Connections, and Tooling in SharePoint Framework.

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  1. Thanx Virendra Soni for sharing information with us. Know SharePoint give more security and function with Microsoft Teams & they support the new application & also new technology.


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