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Seeking Inputs: Haryana State Labour Rules on Labour Codes

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Dear Members,

As you are aware, the Central Government is in the process of implementing the labour codes. As part of the reforms, the rule-making powers of various codes vest with both State and Central Government. While the Central Rules were published by the Labour Ministry, some States have started coming out with their Draft Rules. The Government of Haryana has recently published the Draft rules for all four labour Codes as mentioned below.

  1. The Haryana Occupational Safety, Health and Working Conditions Rules, 2021 (view here)
  2. The Industrial Relations (Haryana) Rules, 2021; (view here)
  3. The Code on Social Security (Haryana) Rules, 2021 (view here)
  4. The Code on Wages (Haryana) Rules, 2021 (view here)

Given the significance of these rules to the IT-BPM industry, we would like to have your views on each of them. We request you to kindly send your inputs to as per the below format latest by 15th October 2021.



 Relevant provision of the Draft Rule



Rationale for the suggestion











We look forward to your response.