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Scribble Data Launches Hasper: A Full-Stack Applied AI Data Products Engine

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Scribble Data, a machine learning and generative AI company, today announced the launch of Hasper, a full–stack large language model (LLM)-based engine for business leaders to rapidly build AI-powered data products.

Hasper provides engineering guardrails to bring the power of LLMs to enterprises, enabling streamlined data workflows and facilitating contextually rich insights.

Embracing the rise of generative AI marks a pivotal moment in our journey to unite enterprise analytics with the potential of LLMs. It’s the convergence of our Enrich Intelligence platform, built on machine learning and robust workflows, with the transformative power of LLMs. We’re already seeing this unlock compelling new use cases for our customers,” said Indrayudh Ghoshal, Co-founder and COO at Scribble Data.

Hasper is the latest addition to Scribble Data’s flagship product, the Enrich Intelligence platform. The platform now enables building more sophisticated end-to-end workflows seamlessly using both structured and unstructured data, with conversational interfaces.

The system interfaces with all the leading foundational models, so teams can select the LLM that best meets organizational requirements, including cost, enterprise-grade security, and privacy. Moreover, the system’s ability to customize data products for each unique use case ensures a clear understanding of context and constraints, significantly reducing the risk of data hallucinations.

A Full-Stack Applied AI Engine

Enhanced Scale and Speed: Hasper leverages the power of LLMs to increase the efficiency of addressing use cases, the speed of workflows, and the productivity of teams.

Intelligent Natural Language Interface: Business users can safely and easily interact with their data in a conversational style, akin to ChatGPT.

Seamless Integration and Customization: Hasper facilitates the integration of LLMs into advanced analytics decision workflows, allowing customization to build domain-specific agents for highly relevant and accurate results.

Hybrid Data Products for Enhanced Insights: Hasper and Enrich together allow a hybrid approach to use cases, combining traditional feature engineering, ML, and LLMs to go from raw data to analytical output.

Enrich has already demonstrated its potential in industries such as insurance, retail, and e-commerce, with compelling use cases including RFP processing, advisor-in-a-box, contextual data querying, and intelligent responses with hard data. With the launch of Hasper, we can enable and expect to see 10x the number of analytical use cases,” said Venkata Pingali, Co-founder, and CEO, of Scribble Data.

Scribble Data remains committed to providing innovative data solutions that transform how businesses leverage data for growth and innovation.

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