What is Sarahah app – know why it’s trending before downloading it

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The latest internet frenzy – app is ruling almost every social media platform, be it Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or Instagram.

The ability to send and receive messages anonymously is something that is attracting users the most.

The app was launched six months back, as a simple website by Saudi developer ZainAlabdin Tawfiq and was made available as an app on June 13.

Zain initially launched the app as a platform to share constructive messages. The need aroused due to the lack of communication at his own workplace. Hence, he thought of coming up with a platform through which users can send creative messages to each other. And as the sender’s identity was hidden, employees found it a good way to talk their hearts out.

The app later developed into a messaging platform, extending usability from workers to friends.

Since its launch in June as an app available for both Android and IOS users, it has been on the most downloaded apps’ list with millions of downloads.

The users simply can download the app, register on it, login and share their Sarahah profile on Facebook or similar social media platforms to start receiving messages. The app also allows them to share Sarahah messages on their Facebook walls or as Snapchat stories.

While the app might be good for some audience, it is reportedly turning into a cyber bullying platform. Some people are using it to vent out their frustrations in form of death threats, abuse and other kinds of inappropriate messages.

Sarahah is in a developing stage and as such has got limited functionalities only. Users can’t reply to a message, though the app’s development team is planning to introduce the feature in near future.

Also, on receiving offensive messages, the app does not give any direct method of blocking the sender. However, the user can long press the message and then block it.

People also worry that their identities might get revealed as per industry reports on the app. However, Sarahah’s founder said that the app comes with strict privacy policy and nothing would be revealed without user consent.

There’s no doubt that technology always bring a two-sided perceptive. If used in a nice way, it’s a boon or else a threat as a Google user posted on Sarahah app’s review, “This app has both pros and cons. it’s in the hands of the people who use this to stay safe.” Hence, the users should use discretion when it comes to the app usage.

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