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Sangfor Cyber Security Incident Response Service: Be Prepared for Anything!

HONG KONG–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#CyberAttackSangfor Technologies, the leading vendor of network security in the APAC region, is proud to announce the launch of its Incident Response (IR) service, geared toward the unique and varied needs of small & medium organizations in the Asian market.

By 2021, a new organization will suffer a ransomware attack every 11 seconds. With small businesses a primary target of ransomware and the average cost of attacks now over $40,000, a new security response is needed to universalize security for all. While security services have only been available to large organizations at a prohibitive cost, this restriction is now a thing of the past!

“We are excited to offer this new security service to our customers. Previously security services were something exclusively reserved for large enterprises. However, we believe that every organization should not only be protected by network security devices, but security services as well, inspiring Sangfor to develop its Incident Response service,” says Kaden Zhang, President of Sangfor International Department. “Having a full, in-house security expert team is expensive, and with this new cost-effective service, customers can enjoy a high-level of protection before, during and after an attack.”

Advantages of Sangfor Incident Response:

1. Discovery of External Threat Attack Surfaces

External vulnerability assessment can simulate how an attacker performs reconnaissance, gathers information to identify attack surfaces exploitable by external threats. Identification and mitigation of potential threat attack surfaces greatly improve the overall security posture of an organization.

2. Security Awareness Enhancement

Any vulnerability or misconfiguration, no matter how insignificant, poses a degree of risk. External attack surface assessment services help organizations uncover attack surfaces from the attacker perspective, and effectively eliminate any weaknesses, minimizing the likeliness of attack and reducing overall security risk.

3. Security Skills Enhancement

User security skills are improved through interaction with the Sangfor IR unit, educating customers on how to investigate and identify existing, yet unknown vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. These increased skills allow customers to mitigate issues based on professionals’ recommendations, prepare remediation plans, and significantly reduce the possibility of a secondary or similar attack.

The probability of a ransomware attack is a very real threat to all organizations, regardless of size. Bold thinking and planning for this eventuality, with support from the Sangfor team are the key to ensuring the vitality of your business after a cyber-attack.


Jonathan Yeh

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