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Sales & Consumer Promotion Campaigns simplified at last for best RoI

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Loyalty, Referral, and Consumer Promotion programs can be much more difficult to administer than perceived. These programs are business-critical in driving top of the funnel metrics like user acquisition, sign-ups, leads, and also drive some bottom of the funnel metrics like LTV and upsell. This article looks at a transformational digital method of hyperlink-based rewarding for Consumer Promotion Campaigns – with a great user experience.

Campaigns are mostly time-bound and very dynamic and marketers frequently have to launch them quickly and under pressure. The time and resources spent in these campaigns is huge and often distract the marketers from the real metrics and core ROI of the campaigns. Further, they often have to rely on third party agencies to assemble all of the pieces for these launches, extending the process and adding cost .

Procurement of relevant incentives, proliferation of the offer, GDPR considerations with third parties, the end user adoption and journey in using the offers, determination of follow-on steps, metrics and ROI keep many a Marketing Department very busy. Low technology intervention in consumer promotions and referrals make it tough, with market learning, to pivot the campaigns on the fly.

Share of Digital in Marketing Budget in 2016
Share of Digital in Marketing Budget in 2019
Source: CMO Survey

In 2020 with all the talk of digital transformation and artificial what-not, it shouldn’t take a small army, introducing manual errors or even an agency to repeatedly delight or incentivise your most important resource, your consumers. We have worked hard on this problem and pose some questions. You’re busy though so we throw in the answers too!

  • Want to go live with rapid, agile consumer campaigns with error-free hassle?
  • Want to reach all of your consumers with an instant gratification e-gift or an incentive proposition but only want to pay for what’s redeemed ?  Consider the goodwill to be earned and program savings and then read on…
  • Want to deliver the simplest redemption experience in the market for your consumers. Consider, for them, just a single ‘click’ in email or on mobile and then, you know, read on.
  • Want to capture campaign insights & ROI to take further actions? Consider simple dashboards, reports and data feedback with no third party intervention on personal data.

User Experience for  Consumer Promotion using link based rewards

With Single Click Redemption the user is provided with a URL, from where s/he can choose from a predefined select range of rewards and claim one in a single click. The experience on web or mobile is instant of course.

Up to 10 rewards can be assigned in a campaign. This is very satisfactory for the user who now, no longer faced with one unwanted gift,  has a higher propensity to redeem. Altering gift content is simple so that repeat campaigns within a fixed segment are fresh and interesting each time.

Single Click Redemption removes the cumbersome multi-step process of registrations, choose, baskets, checkouts, the full “nine yards” making the  journey from selection to reward much simpler especially on a mobile device.

The journey really is seamless, and the user does not have to access any external website or system to redeem rewards. This removes the inconvenience of form filling etc as the unique URL, will have the following pre-stored information:

  • Value (Mandatory)
  • Catalog (Mandatory) – which incentives will be shown
  • Name of User (Optional)
  • User e-mail (Optional)
  • User Phone (Optional)

Upon clicking the URL, the user will be shown the brands that s/he is eligible to procure. The four-step process goes like this:

  1. The user clicks on the unique URL
  2. The listed brands are displayed
  3. Users can take their pick and click ‘Redeem’
  4. The incentive brand voucher is displayed, from where the user chooses the reward and receives the code!
URL-based rewarding for users

Magic for the Marketing team

Planning and executing a consumer promotion & influencer campaign is complicated, time consuming, agency dependent and costly for marketers.

Make costs, work and headaches disappear. It might seem like fantasy but it’s real. Consider ease of your next program run on a promotion campaign management platform with:

  • Thousands of in-built incentive choices to choose from that eliminates tiresome procurement cycles for your organization.
  • Exciting and fresh offers that stimulate consumer action instead of boring them.  Over 20 categories including wellness, learning, groceries,  food and drinks, music and online entertainment.
  • Functionality that allows you to customise messaging, landing pages and add your brand identity. Use standalone or Integrate in your existing platforms.
  • Multiple channel options; SMS, email and QR Codes. Reach further.
  • Optional retention of consumer’s Personal Information from the 3rd party even after redemption. Avoid tricky questions about GDPR.
  • An excellent rewarding experience that ultimately increases brand loyalty by replacing user journey complexity with simplicity of Single Click Redemption.
  • A consumer journey that’s apparently retained inside your own app / website ecosystem without identifying 3rd parties. It should be all about your brand !
  •  Incentive details retained persistently on email or mobile device URL for consumers to refer back too. No customer care calls to field.
  • ‘On redemption only’ payment obligation i.e. only pay when an incentive   is actually claimed. Massive cost savings and the campaign has no waste.  You can reach out to your  full database for full goodwill benefits without risk of overspending.
  • Coded redemption data that can be used, for insight and follow-up,  to discover which consumers actually redeemed.
  • Reports, you know, with actual insights.
  • 24*7 support end customer support from Xoxoday.
Xoxoday’s Admin module to generate the URL

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