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rabbit Secures $20M Funding Round, Introducing Large Action Model (LAM)

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rabbit leverages LAM to understand human intentions, interface, interactions, and reimagines the relationship between man and machine

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–rabbit, an AI company focusing on consumer hardware and foundation model research, announced today that it has raised a $20 million round led by Khosla Ventures, with participation from existing investors, including Synergis Capital, and strategic partners including Kakao Investment. The funding will be used to scale the company’s engineering and product development efforts and prepare for its hardware launch early next year.

The company’s core product is rabbit OS, an AI-powered personalized operating system through a natural language interface, and a dedicated consumer mobile device to host the OS. This system allows users to interact with their devices using natural language instead of apps and menus. rabbit OS can comprehend complex user intentions, operate user interfaces, and perform actions on behalf of the user.

rabbit OS is powered by Large Action Model (LAM), a new type of foundation model that understands human intentions on computers. By leveraging LAM, rabbit OS empowers any user, regardless of their professional skills, to teach the system how to achieve specific goals on applications. LAM continuously learns and imitates from aggregated demonstrations of users and enables the OS to quickly execute complex tasks on consumer interfaces. It facilitates these tasks in a humanizing way without the need for the user to install the applications or leverage specialized application programming interfaces (APIs). “Interaction with rabbit will be like interacting with a friend, who learns by observing how you tackle a task and listening to your explanations in plain language,” says Jesse Lyu, founder and CEO of rabbit.

Computers, since their inception, have been designed as non-intuitive tools; even with the recent boom of advanced artificial intelligence, our relationship with the computer remained unchanged, as of a passive one,” Lyu said. “rabbit is launched as an effort to reverse this relationship, to envision a world where technology enhances the human experience.”

We were early to invest in AI and continue to look for companies that can have a large impact. Large Action Model seems to be the missing puzzle between today’s AI-powered chatbots and the transformative consumer experiences we can imagine in the future,” said Kanu Gulati, Partner at Khosla Ventures. “In rabbit, we saw a team that has deep technical expertise combined with strong consumer experience to build a new class of personal devices.”

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About rabbit

rabbit is an AI company developing a personalized operating system (OS) through a natural language interface and dedicated, affordable consumer hardware to host the OS. The OS, called rabbit OS, is capable of understanding complex user intentions, operating user interfaces, and performing actions on behalf of the user. The key technology powering rabbit OS is the Large Action Model (LAM), a new type of foundation model that understands human intentions on computers. The company is founded by a group of researchers, engineers, and creative technologists with extensive experience in shipping AI hardware products and operating high-performance computing (HPC) clusters to train large AI models.

About Khosla Ventures

Khosla Ventures, founded by renowned venture capitalist Vinod Khosla, led the funding round in rabbit. With over $15 billion of assets under management, Khosla Ventures focuses on early stage companies in various sectors including AI, sustainability, enterprise, consumer, health and frontier technologies. Khosla Ventures is the earliest VC to invest in OpenAI.


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