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QPharma and The Working Town Announce SAP Integration Partnership

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MORRISTOWN, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–QPharma, the leading provider of cloud-based compliance solutions, is excited to announce a groundbreaking partnership with The Working Town (TWT), a company renowned for its extensive experience in SAP Implementation & Support. This strategic alliance promises to revolutionize the way QPharma enhances its services and expands its capabilities in the pharmaceutical industry.

QPharma’s innovative Direct-to-Practitioner (DTP) and Direct-to-Representative (DTR) solutions, already handling thousands of healthcare professional and sales rep sample requests daily, will now be complemented by TWT’s fifteen years of expertise and a team of over 200 SAP Certified Professionals.

SAP is utilized for various functions including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Warehouse Management, and Supply Chain Management by pharmaceutical companies. Indeed, according to one estimate 77% of all global transactions occur on an SAP system.

TWT has garnered well-deserved recognition for its steadfast dedication to providing reliable SAP integration. Usman Ghani, CEO of TWT and a respected subject matter expert in ERP implementations and SAP integrations, expressed his admiration for QPharma’s depth of experience. “I am thoroughly impressed by QPharma’s compliance expertise. This partnership is a unique opportunity for us at TWT to learn from the best and contribute our extensive knowledge of SAP Integration to aid QPharma’s transformative digital journey.”

Reno Amadori, CEO of QPharma, shared his enthusiasm for the collaboration, “This partnership aligns with one of our key strategic goals – providing our clients with unparalleled SAP expertise. By joining forces with TWT, we can expand our service offerings and further solidify our position as a leader in the pharmaceutical compliance sector.”

The partnership will kick off with the development of a proof of concept on TWT’s environment, integration to QPharma’s Titanium platform. This initiative will enable both teams to collaborate efficiently, creating shared documents and procedures. Suhail Mughal, CTO of QPharma, emphasized the significance of this collaboration. “With over a decade of experience in developing complex applications, from data integration with Salesforce to Azure cloud services, QPharma has been a frontrunner in technical and compliance solutions. The expertise TWT brings in SAP integration elevates our integration capabilities to new heights.”

Both organizations are committed to rapid delivery and innovation, with a focus on agile team structures. Projects will be staffed with joint QPharma-TWT teams, led by a QPharma business solution architect. For client implementations, QPharma deploys a cross-functional team of integration engineers, business analysts, and QA/validation engineers. TWT consultants will become a part of this team, ensuring seamless integration and exceptional service delivery.

With SAP being a core component in the global pharmaceutical sector, this collaboration is poised to set new standards in the industry.


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