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Pyramid Analytics Solves the Last Mile of Analytics, Bringing New Prescriptive Analytics, Business Modeling, Optimization, and OpenAI Integration to Its Business and Decision Intelligence Platform

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Latest release of the Pyramid Decision Intelligence Platform drives enhancements throughout, resulting in the most complete, end-to-end data ecosystem for the enterprise, driving faster, better, more impactful decisions

LONDON & NEW YORK & TEL AVIV, Israel–(BUSINESS WIRE)–A new release of the Pyramid Decision Intelligence Platform from Pyramid Analytics puts powerful analytics into the hands of more people, for more use cases, than ever before. Building on its vision to deliver a no-code/low-code, AI-driven approach to move enterprises—and the users making crucial daily decisions—along the analytics maturity curve. Key updates make sophisticated processes like business modeling, decision modeling, and various applications of prescriptive analytics more accessible and more useful to both technical and non-technical personnel.

Highlights from the Pyramid 2023 release include extensions of both Tabulate and Solve, which provide business modeling and decision modeling, all within the consolidated Pyramid Platform. A robust integration with OpenAI’s ChatGPT and DALL-E saves time and sparks creativity by providing generative AI support for spreadsheet formula creation in Tabulate, code snippet creation (including Python, R, SQL, MDX, DAX, and other languages) in the Model app, and graphic design generation in the Present app. And personalization tools like the new Hub feature deliver the tailored analytics experience analysts and business users need to drive adoption, improve satisfaction, and increase productivity for better, faster decision-making.

An established leader in the Analytics and Business Intelligence (ABI) space, Pyramid was recently named a “Visionary” in the 2023 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence (ABI) Platforms report for the company’s overall Completeness of Vision and Ability to Execute. Gartner’s companion report, the 2023 Critical Capabilities for Analytics and Business Intelligence (ABI) Platforms, ranked the Pyramid Decision Intelligence Platform 1st in its Augmented Consumer and Business Analyst Use Cases. Pyramid was also highly ranked in the two other Use Cases, including a second-highest ranking for the Data Scientist Use Case and fourth-highest ranking for the Analytics Developer Use Case.

Download Gartner’s Magic Quadrant and Critical Capabilities reports.

Pyramid Analytics’ latest release—Pyramid 2023—features major platform upgrades/enhancements across every part of the platform. This includes over 80+ named new features, more than 75% resulting from customer feedback and collaboration.

  • The newly enhanced Tabulate app brings business modeling into the Pyramid Platform. Through its familiar spreadsheet interface, Tabulate enables users to explore business scenarios, build forecasts, analyze financial and operational data, and explore business outcomes, all without the need to export static data to a siloed tool. Learn more.
  • Solve is a powerful engine that generates prescriptive and optimization solutions based on user-designed decision models, built through a no-code/low-code paradigm in Tabulate. With Solve, Pyramid users can answer “what should I do?” questions and test “what-if?” scenarios quickly and easily. No other solution delivers such robust and user-friendly prescriptive analytics capabilities right within the platform. Learn more.
  • Our OpenAI/ChatGPT integration delivers powerful generative AI to extend various capabilities within Pyramid. Using plain language, users can generate spreadsheet formulas, queries, machine learning code, and even designs for data visualizations, all using your organization’s own database schema and tables. This unique integration boosts productivity, generates fresh ideas, and quickly lowers the skills bar to enable faster, lower-risk processes throughout the platform. Learn more.
  • The new Hub feature enables analysts and business users to add their favorite Pyramid content as tiles on their landing page, providing the personalized analytics experience they need to drive adoption, improve satisfaction, and increase productivity for better, faster decision-making. Hub is also available to all Pyramid Embed customers. Learn more. Learn more.
  • We have once again lowered the technical skills barrier for important data prep and modeling tasks and processes—for instance, the Custom Columns and Virtual Column Calculation features enable users to extend their virtual semantic model quickly and easily and add and edit new columns, all without needing to write custom SQL views. These enhancements and others have improved query performance throughout the platform. Learn more.

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Executive quotes:

  • Omri Kohl, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder: “Pyramid was recently named a ‘Visionary’ in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for ABI Platforms report. This massive movement across the quadrant is no accident: it’s the result of our mission and commitment to deliver a comprehensive decision intelligence platform that helps people solve real business problems using all their data. And we have significantly furthered that mission with Pyramid 2023. Our enhancements to Tabulate and Solve—for business modeling and decision modeling—bring both predictive and prescriptive analytics into our platform; our integration with OpenAI harnesses generative AI to boost productivity and creativity and raise your teams’ analytic skills instantly; and our personalization tools like Hub provide a customized experience to increase efficiency and adoption. We can’t wait for you to see how our end-to-end platform can revolutionize business decision-making.”
  • Avi Perez, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder: “With Pyramid 2023 ‘Archimedes’, we have achieved our vision of a complete data factory for decisions: an end-to-end data ecosystem for the enterprise, driving faster, better, more impactful decisions. To do so, we added support for the elusive ‘last mile’ in analytics with business modeling in Tabulate and decision modeling in Solve. To make the platform more useful and user-friendly we again lowered the complexity barrier through another leap in more no-code tooling—with innovations like ‘Explain the Difference’ and our numerous OpenAI ChatGPT and DALL-E integrations. These major capabilities, together with the other 80+ features, drive more personalization options, improved query performance, and better embedding capabilities—delivering the most powerful, comprehensive business and decision intelligence platform available today.”

About Pyramid Analytics

Pyramid Analytics is the next generation of business and decision intelligence. The award-winning Pyramid Decision Intelligence Platform empowers people with augmented, automated, and collaborative insights that simplify and guide the use of data in decision-making. The Pyramid Platform operates directly on any data, enabling governed self-service for any person, meeting analytical needs in a no-code environment. It combines data prep, business analytics, and data science into one frictionless platform to empower anyone with intelligent decision-making. This enables a strategic, enterprise-wide approach to business intelligence and analytics, from the simple to the sophisticated. Schedule a demo today.

Pyramid Analytics is incorporated in Amsterdam and has regional headquarters in global innovation and business centers, including London, New York City, and Tel Aviv. Our team lives worldwide because geography should not hinder talent and opportunity. Investors include H.I.G. Growth Partners, Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP), Sequoia Capital, and Viola Growth. Learn more at Pyramid Analytics.


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