Pros and cons of cloud servers: Microsoft Azure and IBM cloud services

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Cloud servers are the recent hype and a necessity for the future, but actually they have existed from the 90s. As pioneers, IBM and Microsoft showed incredible progress over the years. We will see Microsoft Azure and IBM Cloud Services now. This article will let you know about all the features, pros, and cons of these two cloud servers. Also, in the end, you will get to see a sophisticated comparison of these two services.

Microsoft Azure- Microsoft’s best cloud service

Microsoft Azure belongs to the most known operating system – ‘Windows’ company, Microsoft. Their team of developers have expertise in developing different types of products. Among them, Microsoft Azure stands out.


Data Management: Microsoft has the most experience in generating, gathering, hosting and optimizing their data throughout their high-class storage. As per their reputation, their work efficiency is also top-class. Their cloud storages are swift, data management services are strong, and other services are manageable, and user friendly.

Virtual Network and Servers: They provide the options to set up Linux and Windows servers on their cloud platform. With it, enterprises get the flexibility to move their work efficiency up by a substantial level. Moreover, these servers can execute several specialized works by which an enterprise can benefit.

Business Analysis: Business forms the core of any enterprise. Therefore, having tools to analyze the customer data and getting precise targeting through Artificial Intelligence (AI) is very important. So, business analysis tools help a mid to large enterprise to utilize their big data pool.

Customization: Microsoft provides less options for customization. However, Microsoft already provides so many things that mid to large corporations won’t need any customization. However, it could be some hassle for low-level enterprises.

Security and Encoding: Microsoft is very concerned with the data of their clients. Therefore, whenever they import any data to their cloud, they save it with proper encryption. These encryptions are hard to hack and stay safe for a long time. Also, they are developing their security system day by day. Indeed, the security will be tighter in the near future.

Enterprise Tools: Enterprise tools are necessary when you are handling extensive data. These tools help you to grow with data growth and save your time at work.


  • Have better security and encryption system
  • The ability to set up virtual servers provides an extra edge
  • High-speed data management saves everyone’s time


  • A relatively pricey option might be a concern for small enterprises

IBM Cloud Services- Tech’s oldest legacy

IBM Inc- International Business Machines Corporation- is the world’s oldest computer manufacturer. They were the pioneers of the digital age and are still leading in different related sectors. Among those, they have seen success for the latest IBM Cloud Services.

Let’s discuss their latest and greatest cloud technologies.


Data Management: IBM has been with hardware more than anyone. They know the best way to make hardware efficient. And they do it to improve the efficiency and productivity of the industries. The sync between their data centers is where the margin of error has become so low. In a sentence, they have the most solid and efficient storage hardware and software.

Virtual Network and Servers: They provide the opportunity of setting up the Linux server, which is the industry standard. They provide additional tools to make things easy and stable.

Business Analysis: As previously mentioned, business tools are essential for all types of industries. However, it shines for the most efficient allocation of assets and in client targeting. As we mentioned, IBM’s specialty is in making precise things. So, their business tools target precious things in a precise manner.

Customization: Like Microsoft Azure, IBM doesn’t give substantial customization options either. Moreover, these customizations might make the workflow less efficient; so, having set plans makes things easy and great for timesaving.

Security and Encoding: As one of the top companies in the industry, maintaining their reputation is the primary goal. For that, they’ve established new ways of encryption with which the data stays in safe hands. Also, client companies are happy with their other security tools and have been relying on them for a long time.

Enterprise Tools: They know the needs of a business, and also, they have been handling large corporations for a long time. So, based on their experiences, they’ve established enterprise tools that their client companies recognize well.


  • Business Analysis and Enterprise Tools set the industry standards
  • Well-built hardware gives efficient storage
  • Top class security and encryption increases reliability


  • Less diverse server options
  • Overpriced for small enterprises

Wrapping up

Microsoft Azure and IBM Cloud Services both are big corporations and have well-trained human resources and world-class services. Moreover, they can support rapid expansion, and their R&D teams are innovating to create new things every day. But you have to pick based on with whom you are comfortable, or which might enhance your expanding business in the future.

Microsoft Azure will push themselves up in the next decade too because their primary product Windows is still popular. On the other hand, IBM seems to be in its declining phase. So, IBM might not be the same in the future because of the decline in their income.

In my opinion, if your enterprise is going for cloud services for the first time and has no trade relation with IBM, then going for Microsoft Azure will be the best option.

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