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Potomac Unveils New Proposal Software Guardrails

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MIAMI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Potomac Fund Management, Inc. (“Potomac”), a rapidly growing investment strategist and TAMP, is pleased to announce the release of their new model analysis and proposal software, Guardrails.

“Financial advisors have access to more model portfolios than ever before, but the tools available to properly analyze, optimize, and blend them are sub optimal,” said Jeff Goodnow, Chief Growth Officer at Potomac. “We knew we couldn’t buy what we needed, so we decided to build it.”

Potomac partnered with FinTech industry veteran and Hidden Levers co-founder Praveen Ghanta’s new firm Fraction to create a modular development team built specifically for the task.

“What makes Fraction unique is our ability to bring in the right people at the right time,” explained Praveen Ghanta. “To build something like Guardrails, you traditionally would have to hire a major development firm with hundreds of specialized employees–bringing with it astronomical costs. With Fraction, we can keep the team small and focused.”

As an investment strategist with a multi-decade long track record, Potomac believes it is uniquely positioned to understand how portfolio risk and return can be translated to the real world.

“The current selection of proposal tools are built by FinTech firms, for FinTech firms,” said Potomac CEO Manish Khatta. “These people rarely understand asset management, and create simplistic products built for scale. Guardrails is risk software built by risk managers designed to actually solve the problem facing many advisors today–access to countless investment strategists with no elegant way to combine them into an optimal portfolio.”

Potomac engineered Guardrails to meet the varying risk profiles of different clients through:

  • Model Research, Optimizer, and Blender
  • Risk Scoring
  • Proposal System with AI driven summary analysis.

Since its founding in 1987 Potomac has been Built to Conquer Risk™, and that work continues, with Guardrails.

“The tools that work well with clients are the ones that are easy to use and easy to understand,” added Manish Khatta. “It’s protection from risk, when you need it most.”

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About Potomac Fund Management

Headquartered in Miami, Florida, Potomac Fund Management (“Potomac”) is an investment strategist firm for financial advisors. Potomac supports advisors with the resources best suited for their individual businesses. Each avenue is built on Potomac’s core belief that financial success is about more than hitting a number twenty years into the future; it is about feeling confident as you get there.


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