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Portada Insights Report: Annual investment in e-commerce marketing in Latin America to exceed US$10 billion by 2025

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You can now download Portada’s new Latin American e-commerce marketing report with input from Comscore, in partnership with Teads and Shutterstock, and with input and feedback from over 200 brand executives in Portada’s network

NUEVA YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Portada, the Hispanic and Latin American specialized marketing media in the U.S., has released its latest study titled E-Commerce Marketing in Latin America. Facts and Lessons for Brand Executives. . The results of this new insights report,which brings together the experience of the major brand managers in Portada’s network, have been made available to the public free of charge.

The report informs on the estimated growth of e-commerce, in which Portada estimates that its market will have sales of over US$10 billion in Latin America by 2025 and confirms that this marketing modality has become a critical part of the sales strategies of Latin American companies.

The result of a survey of over 200 brand managers from large companies, you’ll find a reliable overview of the key drivers of e-commerce marketing spending, the three investment segments to which companies are allocating their e-commerce marketing budgets, and the factors that are driving growth.

Thus, you can see that three items stand out in investments in e-commerce marketing:

  • Retail media advertising
  • Advertising alternatives oriented to e-commerce
  • Marketing resources that facilitate e-commerce and are not directly linked to advertising (MarTech, digital transformation of the company, etc.)

By 2025, Portada forecasts that 16.7% of all e-commerce marketing will be in retail media, 47.1% in e-commerce oriented advertising alternatives and 37.2% in investment in marketing resources.

Are e-commerce marketing conversion rates higher with influencers, social media, SEO/SEM?

The report E-Commerce Marketing in Latin America evaluates some factors that drive or slow down e-commerce marketing in Latin America such as influencer marketing, SEO/SEM strategies, the use of apps, brand awareness, and social media commerce, among others.

Finally, Portada interviewed a group of top brand executives to tell us how their companies are handling different e-commerce aspects.

This is our guest talent:

  • Jose K. Cornish Stanton, CMO de BBVA Mexico
  • Juan Pablo Suárez, VP Performance at Teads LATAM
  • Cynthia Urbina, Head of Marketing Data at Anheuser Busch InBev
  • Ricardo Sánchez Román, Consumer Shopper Media Manager at The Coca Cola Company
  • Andrea Santos Granados, Divisional Marketing Director at Arcos Dorados
  • Alejandro Santa Martinez, Digital Marketing & E-commerce Leader LATAM at Phillips
  • Stephanie Witt, E-Commerce Business Strategy Manager at Shutterstock
  • Michel Capuano, Mexico Managing Director Marketing, LATAM Retail Marketing Director at Fedex

Download theE-Commerce Marketing in Latin America. Facts and Lessons for Brand Executives report now.

It’s free!


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