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PKI Solutions Host Web Seminar on Avoiding Pentesting Pitfalls

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PKI Solutions Offers Practical Advice to Help Secure an Organization’s Identity and Encryption System

PORTLAND, Ore.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#compliancePKI Solutions — a Public Key Infrastructure technology leader with practices covering PKI Design/Redesign, Implementation, PKI assessments, training, and support services – will host a PKI Insights Series Web Seminar to help IT security professionals avoid common mistakes prior to scheduled Penetration Testing and better secure important PKI systems. Mark B. Cooper, president and founder of PKI Solutions, and Nick Sirikulbut, director of business development will host this event on Thursday, February 22, 2024 at 11-11:30am MST.

“Remediation and assessments just aren’t enough and penetration testing is often low on the priority list. Too many organizations only do annual penetration testing, so it’s possible risks can exist in your network for months and many organizations simply don’t have all the tools they need to do the job well. No IT Security professional likes security audits or penetration tests because they can be embarrassing by uncovering vulnerabilities that IT Security professionals should have already discovered. Security systems should be constantly monitored so that issues are discovered before any tests are even performed,” said Cooper.

Cooper said the PKI Spotlight event will cover real world case studies to highlight common mistakes that lead to PKI failures and cover steps teams can take immediately to better manage their PKI environment.

“We’ll also cover the critical role of real-time monitoring and alerting to ensure that organizations can adapt to the evolving threat landscape affecting PKI security,” said Sirikulbut. “It’s easy to identify the obvious risks security teams face, but there’s significantly more risks beneath the surface.”

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About PKI Solutions

PKI Solutions is a leader in PKI technology solutions, PKI design/redesign, PKI implementations, security assessments, and training. Many of the online services everyone uses today are made possible through the use of PKI. A well-designed PKI combines roles, policies, software, and hardware elements to enable secure electronic transfer of information far more securely than what’s possible with simple password authentication and multi-factor authentication.

Designing and deploying a PKI is a complex process. Ensuring the security and processes to protect your information and identities requires careful consideration of the underlying cryptography and operational processes of the system. Like most security solutions, a deployed PKI is not an install it and forget it proposition. This is where PKI Solutions comes in.

The company’s PKI Spotlight is a revolutionary new cybersecurity monitoring software that gives organizations confidence in their identity and encryption systems. PKI Solutions professional services include PKI Consulting Services as well as PKI Training to help keep your organization secure at all times.

For more details, go to and follow the company on (formerly known as Twitter) @PKISolutions.


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