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P&G Alumni Global Conference 2023: Meeting the Moment as a Force for Growth and Good

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WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The highly anticipated biennial conference of Procter & Gamble (P&G) alumni is set to take place in Washington, DC, from November 2-5, 2023. Themed “Meeting the Moment,” this event will bring together former P&G associates from across the globe, uniting them as a powerful force for growth and good.

Featuring a diverse lineup of industry experts and emerging influencers, including current and past executive officers, the event will engage attendees in dynamic dialogues on health, climate, equity, technology, AI, the future of work, civics, and philanthropy. The conference aims to craft an immersive experience, reigniting the spirit of purpose driven innovation and camaraderie that has always defined the P&G community.

The world has changed since our last live pre-pandemic gathering in 2019, and our global interdependence has been revealed on climate, public health, mental wellness, economic mobility and citizenship. We aspire to inspire the next wave of consequential leaders who will shape the world of tomorrow by ‘meeting this moment’,” said Gina Lam, P&G alumna and executive producer for the event.

Participants will be encouraged to take back lessons learned and drive positive change within their social and professional circles of influence to create value for their businesses and their communities.

With nearly 10% of S&P 500 CEOs represented by P&G alumni, their impact on the business world is undeniable. This gathering presents a unique opportunity for alumni to connect, collaborate, and cultivate innovative solutions that will shape the world.

Conference Highlights:

Come for the reunion & inspiration, stay for the big ideas, best practices, industry connections and leadership bootcamp in MEETING THIS MOMENT!

Trends on health, climate, equity, tech, AI, the future of work, civics, and philanthropy.

The P&G alumni network is one of the largest and only to also field a philanthropic arm and SDG-inspired startup accelerator for social impact. Next generation students will join from Howard University. Roger Martin, the #1 strategic thinker in the world, will make a guest appearance. The close will culminate with a gala night at the newly restored National Museum of Women in the Arts followed by a Black alumni reunion brunch.

Who’s joining:

  • Four Emeritus P&G CEOs
  • Seven P&G Company Leaders
  • 40+ Alumni C-Suite & Thought leaders: From Lisa Gevelber – Google USA CMO, Andrew Swinand – Leo Burnett CEO/Publicis Creative USA CEO, Najoh Tita-Reid – Logitech CMO, Cynthia Soledad – Egon Zehnder DEI Practice Lead, Mike Sievert – T-Mobile CEO, Danilo Tauro – Amazon Head of Product for Ad Agencies, Chris Thomas – The Defensive Line Founder, Steve Carlin – AiFi CEO, Priya Ranganathan – GrowSari Board Advisor, Julie Gosalvez – Climeworks CMO, Esi Eggleston Bracey – Unilever USA President/Personal Care NA CEO and Eduardo Coello – Visa LATAM President, Guillaume Tardy – Ralph Lauren Chief Licensing Officer, Emily Chang – Wunderman Thompson West CEO with many more to be revealed!
  • Special Partners: Global Citizen & Howard University Chadwick Boseman College of Fine Arts
  • 400 Movers & Doers, Mavericks and Stewards

Global conference open to P&G alumni ONLY.

Further details,

Register here:

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