Perception Point adds browser-centric DLP capabilities to Advanced Browser Security extension offering

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Perception Point, a leading provider of advanced threat protection across digital channels, today announced that it has added Browser-Centric Data Loss Prevention (DLP) capabilities to its Advanced Browser Security extension. The Browser Security plugin provides comprehensive security measures and granular controls to safeguard corporate assets from loss, misuse, and unauthorized access. Working in the organization’s Chrome, Edge, Safari, and any other Chromium-based browser, unique browser-level visibility powers maximal detection capabilities to ensure safe access to websites and protect against the extraction of sensitive data, securing the organization from both external and internal threats.

The combination of the widespread use of browsers for web-based SaaS applications and the ongoing shift towards hybrid work are making the browser a prime target for malicious actors. Sophisticated attacks via phishing sites and malware downloads frequently bypass standard security mechanisms. Organizations are also impacted by insiders, partners, and contractors, who are responsible for a growing percentage of breaches. According to Verizon’s latest Data Breach Investigations Report, internal threat actor breaches expose on average five times as many records as external threat actor breaches. In these cases, the browser is the main channel used to extract sensitive data. This data is copied, printed and leaked in many ways from the browser, avoiding detection from Secure Web Gateways (SWGs) and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDRs), which have no visibility into these activities.

Presently, a single successful browser-based cyber incident takes an average of 67 hours to resolve, meaning that one security professional can only handle 30 incidents per year – a negligible amount for a large enterprise. This represents a direct cost of $5,023 for each successful web browser incident, not including compliance fines, ransomware mitigation costs, and business losses from non-operational processes – highlighting the financial imperative for businesses to sharpen their web security capabilities.

Perception Point’s Advanced Browser Security incorporates “Inside & Out Prevention” of web-based attacks, securing end users from external threats and protecting businesses from malicious insiders. The cloud-managed browser security extension transforms the enterprise browser into a protected work environment, ensuring safe access to websites, SaaS apps and sensitive corporate data. By fusing Perception Point’s multi-layered advanced threat detection layers with browser-level governance and DLP controls, organizations of all sizes receive the unprecedented ability to detect, prevent, and remediate web threats, including sophisticated phishing, ransomware and malware attacks, and protect the organization from data loss.

The enhanced browser-level DLP capabilities that deter malicious insiders, partners and contractors include:

  • Clipboard controls (preventing copy and paste)
  • Printing controls
  • Configurable download/upload restrictions
  • Watermarking
  • Smart blur of sensitive web apps/data to prevent accidental external screen capture and shoulder surfing
  • User activity monitoring and visibility into all installed browser extensions across the organization
  • SaaS app login visibility, enabling the organization’s admins and security teams to view the usage of unsanctioned web apps

“The threat landscape is only becoming more complex, and our customers’ security offerings must consistently be one step ahead of the threat actors,” said Tal Zamir, CTO, Perception Point. “With the addition of best-in-class DLP capabilities to Perception Point’s Advanced Browser Security offering, organizations can now protect themselves from both the most advanced external attacks and sophisticated internal threats from their native web browsers, easily and with unparalleled accuracy.”

Advanced Browser Security is offered to customers as a module in Perception Point’s Advanced Threat Prevention platform, which detects and prevents all threat types across email, web browsers, and cloud collaboration channels. The holistic solution correlates data from the different channels it protects, which improves detection capabilities and provides security leaders with enhanced incident analysis and control for accelerated remediation capabilities. Perception Point provides all customers with a fully-managed, free-of-charge Incident Response service, which manages, analyzes, and remediates any incident, supporting frequently overburdened IT and SOC teams and saving them up to 75% of time.

Read more about Perception Point’s Advanced Browser Security Extension Offering with the addition of Browser-Centric DLP capabilities, which is available today, here.

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