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Paytm launches AI Cloud for India to support developers, startups and enterprises

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Paytm AI Cloud for India

Indian digital payments leader Paytm is entering cloud computing space with the launch of an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered cloud computing platform called ‘Paytm AI Cloud for India’.

Launched in partnership with global retail giant Alibaba, the new platform is aimed to enable the future of work with cloud computing, AI and mobility-driven innovation.

Paytm AI Cloud for India is meant for developers, startups, and enterprises. It comes with a set of business-oriented applications to meet the demands of organizations that require high-quality solutions. These solutions can include cloud computing, ready-to-use services for workflow automation, and more without having to deal with hardware and software management hassles.

Enterprises will benefit from several built-in technology solutions like affordable computing services, easy-to-integrate payment solutions, ready-to-use applications, and pre-trained models. Paytm AI Cloud for India will also offer a customer relationship management (CRM) solution, pattern recognition tech, and predictive computation to enterprises.

“Every new-age organization needs to be AI-enabled. They need access to infrastructure to quickly sandbox their ideas, run through multiple experiments, and iterate hypothesis without worrying about managing their infrastructure. They need growth engines to acquire customers, engage one-to-one with them, and AI empowered systems to predict their business,” said Sujit Kumar Mishra, Vice President, Paytm.

“With these, they need better collaboration and workflow automation tools to become more productive & efficient. Paytm AI Cloud packages all these into one; saving organizations time, money & resources, so they are able to better focus on building products that change the world.”

Additionally, Paytm is partnering with DingTalk to provide an enterprise-grade messaging solution to organizations in coming months.

Paytm said that its new cloud platform will process and store all the consumer data in the servers located in India. The company will ensure strong security and privacy standards for all the data.

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“At Paytm, we have always ensured the highest standards of customer data privacy and security. Our customers data is processed and stored locally in India with no access to any third party or investors,” said Sujit Kumar Mishra.

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