The strengthened partnership between Epsilon and NetIX to simplify connectivity through Infiny

Epsilon and NetIX

In a move that will make connectivity easier for its customers, Epsilon Telecommunications has strengthened its existing partnership with the global distribution platform for connectivity and peering solutions, NetIX. Adding all 150+ NetIX locations and peering services onto Epsilon’s Network as a Service (NaaS) platform, Infiny will broaden and simplify connectivity options for Epsilon customers.

NetIX has a strong position and footprint across central and eastern Europe, and Epsilon is well-known for its network across Asia Pacific and western Europe. As a result, the newly strengthened partnership will enable customers to gain unparalleled access to these regions while benefitting from both providers.

With NetIX’s locations and peering services getting added to Infiny, customers will be able to add new routes and services to their networks with the click of a button. Hence, allowing them to operate as a single end-to-end, hassle-free network.

“Combining our global network and services with Epsilon’s reflects NetIX’s commitment to building our network based on customer needs,” said Chris Harper, CCO of NetIX. “We look forward to collaborating with wholesale businesses and enterprise organisations who want to expand their reach in the central and eastern European regions where we have unparalleled strength and help them drive transformative changes that improve the way they connect and work.”

NetIX’s Global Internet Exchange (GIX) service, the popularity of which grew among content networks and ISPs with the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, is available on Infiny. GIX merges over 9,000 routes from 30+ IXPs without the need for multiple VLANs, ports, or contracts. With this partnership, NetIX and Epsilon will bring simplicity to network expansions.

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