Outlook to get new intelligent features across email and calendar

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Outlook on the web

Microsoft is adding a number of new features to Outlook on the web, aimed at helping users stay organized and get things done quickly. The new features will include meeting insights, suggestions in email for scheduling a meeting, suggestions on days and times while scheduling the meeting, and more.

Leveraging the power of Microsoft Graph, Outlook will now provide Meeting Insights. The Meeting Insights will include uniquely tailored information suggestions, to prepare users for the meeting.

“Once your meeting is done, we’ll also help you organize and find information about past meetings. The information includes files that have been shared with you in email, public files on SharePoint or OneDrive, emails you’ve had on the meeting topic, content shared during the meeting, meeting notes, and post-meeting content,” wrote Microsoft in a blog post.

Outlook currently suggests three replies at the bottom of a conversation. Further, when users start typing a new message and add text, the Outlook detects a response that can be used for a short response.

Now, Outlook will also be able to detect if there is an intention of meeting between the people in conversation. There will an option to “Schedule a meeting”.

While scheduling a meeting, Outlook will also recommend days and times, when the attendees are free to meet. Such smart time suggestions will eliminate the need for going through their free/busy schedules.

Additionally, Outlook will also suggest tailored locations for meetings. These suggestions will include available rooms and public places. Users will be able to see suggestions by clicking on the location bar while creating a meeting.

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These new and intelligent features will roll out in the next few weeks across email and calendar.

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