Oracle Joins CNCF, releases Kubernetes on Oracle Linux and Terraform Kubernetes Installer

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At the Open Source Summit in Los Angeles, USA, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) announced that Oracle has joined it as a platinum member for contributing towards making cloud native and container adoption easy for the organizations. The CNCF, a part of a nonprofit organization -The Linux Foundation, is home to open source technologies like Kubernetes and Prometheus.

Developers are quickly adopting cloud native for providing solutions to business problems rapidly and for gaining immediate value.

Oracle has also open sourced a Kubernetes installer for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and announced ‘Kubernetes on Oracle Linux’.

“Kubernetes is the future of cloud container orchestration and management, and Oracle is committed to improving the technology to make enterprise adoption easier than ever. Oracle uses Kubernetes internally and dedicates significant engineering resources to the project. We have also recently open sourced a Kubernetes installer for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and released Kubernetes on Oracle Linux. Formally joining the Cloud Native Computing Foundation signals an even deeper commitment to Kubernetes and CNCF community participation,” said Mark Cavage, Vice President of Software Development at Oracle.

Oracle Linux now includes additional tools to ease configuration and deployment of a Kubernetes cluster. It is designed to easily build the master controller and worker nodes, and deliver the maximum scalability across the cluster. It also provides a simplified installation model using the installation script and kubeadm service.

Further, Oracle also announced an open sourced Terraform template for spinning a Kubernetes Cluster on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure – ‘Terraform Kubernetes Installer’. It helps customers to combine security, control and predictability of OCI cloud infrastructure with production grade container orchestration.

Terraform is now widely accepted way of orchestrating cloud infrastructure just like Kubernetes is used for containers. The Terraform Kubernetes Installer consists of a set of Terraform modules and a base configuration for provisioning highly available Kubernetes clusters within Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. It was chosen to install and configure Kubernetes on OCI because it is becoming an extremely common way to orchestrate cloud infrastructure and that it manages state for easily adding or removing the Kubernetes cluster, and it provides powerful abstraction for managing OCI.

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The leading companies like Amazon Web Services, IBM, and Microsoft are also the platinum members of CNCF. As a part of this membership, Jon Mittelhauser, Oracle’s Vice President Container Native Engineering, has joined CNCF’s Governing Board.

The Oracle is also utilizing many other CNCF projects including gRPC, Prometheus, and OpenTracing.

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