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Oracle Introduces World’s First “Fully Autonomous” Database Cloud Service.

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During his opening keynote address at Oracle OpenWorld 2017, Oracle’s executive chairman and CTO Larry Ellison, introduced World’s first autonomous database cloud.

This autonomous database is built upon the Oracle Database 18c – next generation of the industry leading database and is integrated with adaptive machine learning which will enable automation of management, tuning, patching and upgrading of databases. This will also help in handling different workload styles – transactions, mixed workloads, graph analytics, data warehouses document stores and departmental applications, and IoT.

This world’s first self-serving cloud database service aims to deliver streamlined operations, higher reliability, optimum utilization of resources, advanced security, and low cost operational efficiency to its customers while helping them to eliminate involvement of human labor and errors and complexities involved in the manual management process.

Ellison said, “This is the most important thing we’ve done in a long, long time,”. “The automation does everything. We can guarantee availability of 99.995 percent, less than 30 minutes of planned or unplanned downtime.”

With built-in automation at all levels to perform maintenance tasks, companies can now use their valuable IT resources to focus on extracting more value from the data they currently manage to directly influence business opportunities and outcomes.

The Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud includes the following capabilities:

  • Self-Driving: This feature will enable continuous adaptive performance tuning based on machine learning, automatic upgrades and patches and automatic application of security updates against cyberattacks.
  • Self-Scaling:It will enable customers to resize compute and storage instantly, without any downtime and get multiple cost savings as Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud consumes less compute and storage in comparison to Amazon.
  • Self-Repairing:It will provide automated protection from downtime. SLA guarantees 99.995 percent reliability and availability, which reduces costly planned and unplanned downtime to less than 30-minutes per year.

For data warehouse workloads, the first Autonomous Database Cloud offering is scheduled to be available in the calendar year 2017. Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud provides its customers with simplicity, industry leading performance and instant elasticity.

This technology is built on the high-performance Oracle Exadata platform and comes fully-integrated with machine learning algorithms which drive automatic caching, advanced compression and adaptive indexing.


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