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Oracle adds Industry 4.0 capabilities to its IoT Cloud 

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Paving way to Fourth Industrial Revolution, also known as Industry 4.0, Oracle added a number of new advanced monitoring and analytics capabilities to its Internet of Things (IoT) Cloud. 

Combining the SaaS and PaaS offerings in a single cloud, Oracle IoT Cloud enables a high degree of adaptability, and improves enterprise procurement efficiency.

The new Industry 4.0 capabilities on Oracle IoT Cloud includes support for machine vision, digital twins, augmented reality, as well as automated data science. It will help modern businesses to enhance their production intelligence and ability to respond to market.

“IoT is the great enabler of Industry 4.0’s potential, providing real-time visibility and responsiveness at every step of the production process – from raw materials to customer fulfillment,” said Bhagat Nainani, group vice president, IoT Applications at Oracle. “Oracle empowers organizations to create smart factories and modern supply chains with seamless interaction models between business applications and physical equipment. By receiving real-time data streams enhanced with predictive insights, our IoT applications provide intelligent business processes that deliver quick ROI.”

New digital twin feature will help organizations to monitor health of assets and prevent failures even before they occur. It also provides the ability to run simulations like ‘what-if’ scenarios and test them.

AR helps operators and plant managers to accelerate the troubleshooting and maintenance with the ability to view operational metrics and similar equipment information in context of physical asset.

Machine vision enables a rapid visual inspection which helps in spotting the errors which are invisible to naked eye.

Last, the automated data science leverages artificial intelligence algorithm to analyze significant things like asset utilization, production yield and quantity, worker safety, as well as to predict issues before they happen. It also helps users to visualize every step during supply chain, and reduces the work of data scientists.

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Oracle offers its IoT Cloud with metered and non-metered pricing models, which includes pay as you go, as well as monthly flex options.


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