How to optimize your email marketing campaigns to boost your sales?

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optimize your email marketing campaign

The number of email users worldwide is growing day by day. This means that not only is email a preferred way of communication between most businesses but that it is one of the most effective ways of reaching out to the customers and expanding your brand.

Today, we will discuss how you can optimize your email marketing campaign to increase the revenue of your company. Alongside following trends and technologies that can support your business, doing proper marketing is highly important. Not only will it help you increase sales and revenue, but it will also attract new customers or clients to your brand.

Before we talk about what you can do to increase your sales, we will run through some of the basic concepts of email marketing.

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What is Email Marketing?

As we were saying in the paragraph above, email marketing is one of the most efficient ways of expanding your brand. With social media marketing, it has a goal of expanding and securing the number of customers your company has.

By using email to communicate with your customers, you can promote your services, special offers or deals and other things you think matter for your company. On the other hand, it helps customers be aware of anything that is currently important for your brand. However, email marketing is not as simple as sending an email to the client. It is a thorough process that requires prior investigation and preparation. On top of that, using some of the email marketing platforms can help you tackle this process easily. Not only that this is one of the most efficient ways to communicate with your clients, but it is also one of the most cost-efficient ways to promote your brand.

Why is email communication with clients so important?

Communicating with your clients via email, unlike social media, is a great way to have positive return on investments (ROI). According to recent polls, for every $1 you spend on email marketing, you will have approximately $39 in return.

But how is that so?

Well, first of all, communicating with your clients or customers via email is a very private and personalized way of communicating. This can help you build a strong relationship with the reader. Secondly, an email usually requires the reader to take an action. It can be to read the email, archive it or move it to the trash.

As email communication is quite private, this can help you achieve a proper relationship with the client.

In most cases, people will first read the email before they decide what to do with it. Thirdly, this method of marketing is a lot cheaper than advertising your website on social media. Although in most cases, social media marketing can boost your website traffic flow it might not have a positive ROI.

Now that we understand that, let us see how you can optimize your email marketing campaign to boost your sales.

What can you do to optimize your email marketing campaign?

What does it mean to create a proper email campaign and why is that important for your business? There are around 300 billion emails being sent every day. Therefore, it is important that you make your email stand out and catch the reader’s eye. This is one of the main things you have to think about before condoning a proper email marketing campaign.

How will your email stand out in the sea of different emails that arrive? Here are some useful tips on how to do this.

1. Be personal but respect the boundaries

One of the main advantages of communicating with clients via emails is the ability to make the email very personal and private. This might create a feeling of the deep connection between the reader and the sender of the email. You should utilize this by personalizing your emails before sending them. However, make sure you do not get too personal as this can repel many people. It is said that over 80% of the readers will gladly purchase something when they receive an email that has been personalized.

2. Crisp and concise subjects are important

The subject of your email is the first thing your client will see once they open their email. That is why it is important to keep them short, concise and on point. The way we do business has been transformed by new technologies. This means that you should capitalize it. Make your email subject direct, so the reader can know what to expect before they even open an email if you want to optimize your email marketing campaign.

3. Know when you should send the email

What do you think, is sending an email at 10pm the same as sending it at 3pm? Of course, it is not. Timing will play a big part in how well your email campaign goes. If you are aiming to increase your CTR (click-through-rate), you should consider time as a valuable factor. Utilize the data – you have to learn when the best time is to send emails both to your current and potential clients or customers.

4. Segment the emails

Separate your customers into different groups. For instance, you can separate them by:

  • Gender and age
  • Geographical location
  • Purchase history
  • Active/inactive users, etc.

This will allow you to bring the content closer to a specific audience. Readers prefer getting relevant emails and segmenting them will surely help you into achieving that. This way, each of the groups you create will receive emails that are relevant for their interests.

5. Never forget to include the CTA (Call-to-Action) button

Having a CTA button included in your email is a must if you want to optimize your email marketing campaign properly. The CTA button will help you increase the website traffic and improve sales. Moreover, there is a psychological factor in seeing the “click here” button in the email. This will help you activate some of the inactive members and improve your overall stats.

Wish to add more to the list? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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