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Multimodal Conversational AI, a well-known provider of plan-based, multimodal Conversational AI solutions for visionaries, unveiled its newest addition to its multimodality patent collection: Temporal Behavioral Analysis of Multi-Modal Conversations In a Question and Answer System. This innovative method refines a multi-modal virtual agent’s capability to simulate human-like dialogues, elevating Customer Experience (CX) and granting businesses profound insights into customer preferences across diverse scenarios.

Multimodal Conversational AI

EVA Image. Source:

This latest patent from underscores a notable leap in conversational analysis and AI-centric engagements. The outlined techniques distinctively spotlight crucial conversation facets and construct hierarchical models, amplifying the efficacy and contextual relevance of question-and-answer systems. This augments human-AI interactions and bolsters the overall user experience.

“This patent adds to our expansive portfolio of intellectual capital and provides the best Conversational AI platform and capabilities for our clients,” said CEO Raj Tumuluri. “By combining various sensory inputs such as speech, gesture, vision, and touch while leveraging the latest advances in artificial intelligence disciplines and finely tuned AI capabilities,’s Eva (Enterprise Virtual Assistant) enabled applications excel at delivering natural human-like interaction.”

As highlighted in Gartner®’s 2023 Emerging Technologies report on Tech Innovators in Advanced Virtual Assistants, by 2025, multimodal interactions are projected to be a norm for Virtual Assistants (VAs), rising from a mere 2% in 2021. Businesses must transition from basic chatbots to advanced multimodal Conversational AI agents, ensuring enhanced customer and employee interactions. This state-of-the-art development is already incorporated into’s Eva™ platform, offering top-tier customer and employee dialogues that mirror natural, human-like conversations on a grand scale.

Developing a holistic Conversational AI (CAI) platform for Visionary Enterprises requires the integration of multiple advanced features to deliver a dynamic and multifaceted solution. “This patent deftly combines conversational multimodal interaction and neural architectures by integrating multimodal fusion with neural attention,” said Dr. Phil Cohen, Chief Scientist, “This versatility allows users to engage in conversations using their preferred communication methods.”

Clients of get the benefits of our multifaceted services, highlighted by:

  • A comprehensive CAI solution tailored for Visionary Enterprises.
  • A multi-faceted communication system rooted in principled and clear design.
  • A broad spectrum of features spanning knowledge integration, ready-to-use models & ontologies, semantic interpretation, emotional recognition, customer outreach, collaborative agent engagements, mood evaluations, adaptable business procedures, and support in multiple languages.

Eva’s diverse mode of operation can be applied directly on the Edge for both iOS and Android applications. This feature ensures that, even under conditions of restricted connectivity or resources, Eva remains operational by smoothly transitioning to compact local models. Such attributes position Eva as an influential instrument in crafting deep, versatile, and context-sensitive dialogue experiences across an array of platforms and gadgets.

This patent signifies yet another significant achievement for the firm. In 2023, has been featured in over 20 Gartner analytical studies, inclusive of the Gartner® Emerging Tech, Hype Cycle investigative reports, and the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Corporate Conversational AI. Impressively, for two consecutive years, it has been acknowledged as the singular Visionary.

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