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OpenStack adoption increases as more enterprises go for multi-cloud 

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The number of enterprises adopting multi-cloud strategies is continuously increasing. This and more findings were revealed in the independent surveys conducted by Cloudify, Heavy Reading, SDxCentral, SUSE, and the OpenStack Foundation. The surveys outlined the essential role that open source software play in the multicloud environments, IoT/ edge computing and NFV.

  • OpenStack is the leading cloud infrastructure

Cloudify surveyed about 700 cloud professionals and found that OpenStack is the most deployed cloud infrastructure. Cloudify survey found similar results as the OpenStack User Survey regarding the multi-cloud trend that over 51% of organizations are deploying more than one cloud. The organizations are doing so to avoid vendor lock-in.

Over 9% of them are deploying even 5 clouds or more. AWS and Azure is most popular two-cloud combination, followed by AWS and OpenStack.

  • 96% telcos with NFV strategy find OpenStack essential 

Heavy Reading, the research firm who analyses emerging telecom trends and network operators, found that 96% of telcos with NFV strategy found OpenStack crucial. Over 84% of CSPs said that OpenStack is important to them for success.

  • 48% of OpenStack deployments interact with other cloud

As per the OpenStack User Survey, over 48% of OpenStack deployments were also interacting with another cloud. In YoY analysis, it was also found that growth was increasing in non-IT, mainstream industries like retail, telcos, finances, government and research.

The Ironic bare metal services saw growth from 9% to 20% since the last report 6 months ago. The leading companies including eBay and Commonwealth Bank use OpenStack bare metal to run container orchestration frameworks.

About 50% of the users deploy OpenStack using PaaS or CaaS tools, with Kubernetes being the top application framework on OpenStack.

Two-thirds of the respondents found IoT/edge computing the emerging use case in future.

  • 87% prefer OpenStack to manage edge infrastructure

SDxCentral’s 2017 Edge Computing and MEC Report revealed that nearly 87% respondents go for OpenStack to manage edge infrastructure. Verizon is among the OpenStack users who deploys it at the edge.

  • OpenStack usage is continuously increasing. Hybrid cloud to grow 66% in next two years 

SUSE, the open-source software company that develops and sells Linux products to business customers, surveyed over 1400 senior IT professionals and found that the number of organizations who use OpenStack has increased from 15% in 2016, to 23%. About 82% of them were either using or planning to use OpenStack in future.

SUSE survey also found that 43% of businesses prefer private cloud, while 42% hybrid cloud, for their critical workloads. It is expected that hybrid cloud will grow 66% in next two years, while private cloud might grow 55%.

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OpenStack offers better network flexibility, cost savings both on installation and management, ease of implementation, and open standards through ETSI and OPNFV including reference architecture. These have been the reasons behind more global communication companies choosing OpenStack.

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