OpenAI Shakeup: Will Sam Altman join Microsoft’s Advanced AI Research Team?

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OpenAI, a pioneer in artificial intelligence (AI) research, has been on the receiving end of a lot of criticism since the CEO and co-founder Sam Altman was abruptly fired from his position on Friday. In an unexpected move, the OpenAI board of members comprising Ilya Sutsever, Adam D’Angelo, Tasha Mc Cauley, and Helen Toner, informed Sam Altman of their decision to discontinue his services as the CEO over a video call. Its largest shareholder Microsoft was notified about it shortly before the incident took place.

The incident has taken the AI world by storm. Multiple companies around the world depend on GPT and Dall-E large language model capabilities to provide certain features of their services. Some of these companies are Duolingo, Be My Eyes – the Danish start-up that provides AI tools for visually impaired individuals and the web browser DuckDuckGo.

The augmented reality company Snap had also declared that it shall integrate GPT into its lenses. The company as such uses GPT for conversations taking inspiration from ChatGPT and Microsoft Copilot. And the current change in the management has left the companies and investors a little jittery.

The removal of Sam Altman as the CEO has also left a bitter taste in the employees of OpenAI, 700 of whom threatened to leave the company in case Altman was not reinstated. While this possible loss of talent may have affected Ilya Sutsever, it has not convinced the entire board. By appointing former Twitch CEO Emmett as the new interim CEO, they have shut the door on Altman’s potential return to the company he co-founded in 2015.

The exact reason behind Altman’s removal is still unclear, as a result, there are a lot of speculations going around. While the board members of OpenAI declared a lack of communication and transparency as the reason behind his dismissal, there is speculation that might not be the entirety of the truth.

Allegedly Altman was removed so that Ilya Sutsever could hold a more influential position in the company which has changed the way how generative AI works. However, that is not very likely since the company is a capped capital company, which means people can receive only a limited amount of the profits.

Another talk making the round is Sam was removed due to a privacy issue that could impact the company’s reputation. While Altman’s decision to hold off on new sign-up for Chat could be the reason behind the talk, the letter by the board of OpenAI to its employees clearly states that is not the case.

Another possibility behind Sam’s removal is that OpenAI has achieved AGI (artificial general intelligence). While the recent appointment of Emmett would hint that there might have been some disagreement on the vision of AI capabilities, AI reaching AGI is still a very distant possibility.

What is the real reason? Perhaps we will never know.

However, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has expressed his surprise at the OpenAI decision. He has expressed his faith in Altman and denied having any knowledge of wrongdoing on Atlman’s part beyond the cited “breakdown of communication” offered by the Open AI board.

Nadella also announced that Altman, as well as the employees of OpenAI, will have a spot in Microsoft’ new advanced AI research team. While the announcement was made soon after, there has still been no confirmation that Sam Altman will join Microsoft.

Open AI

Satya Nadella further affirmed that the change in management will not affect the collaboration between Microsoft and OpenAI, standing firm in its commitment to the partnership.

As the dust settles, the AI industry watches closely to see how OpenAI, under new leadership, will navigate its future path.

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