Open Eye Consortium announces 50Gbps LR1 and LR4 specifications for datacenter and wireless fronthaul applications

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Open Eye MSA
  • 50Gbps LR1 single mode specification is available to the public today
  • 4x50Gbps LR4 single mode specification is available to MSA members
  • MSA consortium has 38 members including four new contributing members

The Open Eye Consortium (Open Eye MSA) announced two new specifications targeted for applications of 50Gbps per lane: LR1 and LR4 for 10 kilometers based on a CWDM4 wavelength grid on one mode fiber. These new specifications complement the previously released single and multi-mode specifications of the Open Eye MSA.

The Open Eye MSA defines the requirements for analog PAM-4 solutions for 100G DSFP, 50G SFP, 100G SFP-DD, 400G QSFP-DD, 200G QSFP, and OSFP modules.

With the growing demand for wireless, data, enterprise, and data center technology, network managers are continuously trying to find ways to drive lower power, smaller size, and lower costs. The Open Eye MSA’s specifications give customers an alternate to the higher power and better cost DSP-based solutions. These new specifications are 53Gbps SFP28 Long-Reach (LR) and 200Gbps QSFP Long Reach (LR) optical module designs excellent for next-generation 5G wireless, enterprise, and data center networking applications.

The Open Eye MSA aims to accelerate the adoption of PAM-4 optical interconnects scaling to 50Gbps, 100Gbps, 200Gbps, and 400Gbps by expansion upon existing standards to enable optical module implementations using less complex, lower cost, lower power, and optimized analog clock and data recovery (CDR) based architectures additionally to existing digital signal processing (DSP) architectures.

A whitepaper is available to view and download here for interested parties to learn more about the Open Eye’s MSA mission and latest technical information.

The Open Eye MSA is also happy to announce that its membership has grown to 38 members with the addition of Fuji Xerox, Credo Semiconductor, Hisense, and Lumentum to its list of members.

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