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When we hear the word “franchise”, we tend to think about physical shops and workspaces with a big brand logo hanging above the entrance. But in fact, buying into a franchise doesn’t require you to have a physical workspace at all, and you can operate your new business remotely and with as large or small a team as you like. If this is the type of business you’re looking to run, then take a look at these franchise industries that are well-suited to this method of operation.


This is essentially where a single entity will decide on a particular type of item to sell online, from memorabilia and tech to health care products and even groceries. Once they receive orders from customers, they’ll pay a manufacturer or supplier to distribute those products to the customer. Dropshipping isn’t the most complicated industry in the world, but it does require some hard work and dedication like any business. The cost from suppliers tends to be slightly higher than if you were a shop owner buying wholesale goods. However, the great thing about dropshipping is that you can do it all from the comfort of your own home, cutting out much of the overheads of running a physical shop.

Some have seen the benefits of working as part of a franchise, with ready-made brands at hand to increase the trust of customers and suppliers.


This industry involves helping businesses and professional individuals form valuable working relationships in a symbiotic way. This is where all parties can benefit from each other’s skillsets, essentially strengthening every business in the network. They will share knowledge of audiences and marketing ideas and even help each other raise the public awareness of their companies. When looking for a franchise for sale, such as a networking franchise, one can visit Franchise Local, which offers a wide range of different opportunities to choose from.

Customer Services

Running a customer service business is another excellent business opportunity that you can run without paying for an office space. Many franchises are available to buy, which have already established themselves as popular choices for businesses looking to outsource this essential task, whether they’re a retailer or a service provider. Customer services will never stop being important, and the ability to streamline operations by outsourcing makes dedicated customer service businesses all the more popular. Operating under a franchise like this will mean that you’ll also receive the training so that you can offer the best services.


As well as the customer services, marketing has become another popular industry for outsourcing and will continue to grow due to the overwhelming importance of a quality marketing plan. Without a good brand and marketing, businesses rarely survive, which has led to in-house marketing becoming more unaffordable, especially for smaller companies.

If you have marketing experience, running a marketing business under an already established marketing franchise might be a great idea. You’ll be able to utilise your skills without having to worry about fighting to be heard among other new marketing businesses. You could even hire other members of your team to work remotely, keeping all of your business online only, significantly cutting your overheads.

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