Office 365 Threat Intelligence updated with Threat Tracker tool

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Threat Tracker

Microsoft has added a new tool to its Office 365 Threat Intelligence service, called Threat Tracker. Tech giant said that the new capability will enable organizations to easily remediate and respond to cyberthreats.

The Office 365 Threat Intelligence provides interactive tools to analyze threats in real-time, customizable threat alerts, as well as capabilities to remediate suspicious content. The new Threat Tracker for Office 365 Threat Intelligence will allow users to monitor, manage, investigate, and quickly respond to malware, ransomware and other cyberattacks.

There are four tracker categories available in Office 365 Threat Intelligence Threat Tracker: Noteworthy Campaigns, Trending Campaigns, Saved Queries, and Tracked Queries. The campaigns enable tracking and quick assessment of threats, while the queries provide deeper understanding of threats so that admins can make data-driven updates.

The Noteworthy Campaigns monitors the big attacks like WannaCry ransomware attack and Petya malware attack. Through the dashboard, the administrators can review the impact of such attacks, as well as assess their volume and frequency.

It monitors the system on an hourly basis, so that users can stay updated if a cyberattack impacts the system.

The Trending Campaigns monitors the threats against Office 365 emails. It provides insights into the malware trends, and identifies the malware whether they’re on the rise, flat or declining.

Admins will see the unseen threats at the top of page so that they can be remediated quickly. Further, it will provide comparison of how the particular threat is impacting other organizations, so that admins can know if their organization is specifically targeted by the attack.

The Saved Queries is specifically useful to check items frequently, by saving all the searches made in Explorer as queries. Admins can monitor malware and phish events defined and saved from Explorer.

On the other hand, the Tracked Queries provides reports of the threats so that they can be evaluated quickly. Admins can convert the Saved Queries into Tracked Queries to track them easily and frequently.

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Announced for preview at Microsoft Ignite event last year, the Threat Trackers is now available for Exchange Online and SharePoint Online. Users can access the new feature by visiting ‘Threat Management’ in Security and Compliance Center.

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