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More than thrice organizations use Office 365 as compared to G Suite: Bitglass report

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Office 365 vs G Suite

More and more organizations across UK and Europe are shifting to applications like Office 365, G Suite, and Slack for productivity and cost benefits of public cloud.

Bitglass, the Silicon Valley-based Next-Gen CASB company, recently conducted an automated analysis of thousands of companies across EMEA to find the rates of cloud adoption and deployment of security tools.

Bitglass found that 5 in 6 companies surveyed have adopted at least one cloud application. Several companies have started to deploy additional cloud applications beyond basic productivity and email platforms.

Below are the key findings of the Raiders of EMEA Cloud Adoption Report:

  • Cloud adoption rate: EMEA vs Worldwide

The research reveals that cloud usage has rapidly grown since 2016. Particularly, the rate of cloud adoption in EMEA has slightly outpaced the rate of adoption in US and globally.

In 2016, the cloud adoption rate in EMEA was higher than the rate in rest of the world, which is still the case in 2018. EMEA has now hit 84%, while the worldwide cloud adoption rate is at 81%.

  • Office 365 vs G Suite deployments

Office 365 and G Suite come with a broad range of tools that help companies make their business more productive by enabling teams to work smarter and improve operations.

Office 365 had already outpaced G Suite deployments across UK and Europe in 2016. According to Bitglass report, Microsoft’s continuous investment in software-as-a-service (SaaS) has grown the deployments of Office 365 in many sectors. Moreover, the Office 365 is taking share from G Suite.

The findings show that the number of organizations that use Office 365 (65%) is more than thrice as compared to that of G Suite (19%). The adoption of Office 365 has grown by over 50% in last two years.

  • AWS usage: EMEA vs worldwide

The number of organizations that use Amazon Web Services (AWS) in EMEA is more than that of global usage. In EMEA, 21.8% organizations use AWS, while only 13.8% organizations use it globally.

This shows that companies are increasingly relying on infrastructure as a service (IaaS) to push compute and storage to the cloud from premises servers. Several companies in EMEA are still early adopters of AWS, willing to try new methods of custom app deployments.


  • Cloud security tools not in place

Majority of organizations in EMEA still lack the use of basic cloud security tools and other critical security solutions. 47% of organizations in EMEA were using some SSO (single sign-on) tool, as compared to 25% globally.

  • Office 365 adoption across financial and healthcare services

Adoption of Office 265 across healthcare and financial services has nearly doubled since 2016. Currently, 64% financial services organizations and 55% healthcare organizations use Office 365. Usage of other enterprise messaging applications like Slack have also increased in these sectors.

New rules like GDPR and demand for cloud productivity applications have driven the deployment of sanctioned and controlled instances of the most-used services.

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Companies across all verticals in EMEA region have recognized the benefits of cloud applications among employees, security vendors, and app providers. More organizations will migrate from on-premises productivity and collaboration applications to cloud apps like Office 365, AWS and Slack, as costs of cloud compliance will continue to fall.

Download the full report here.

Images source: Bitglass

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