NVIDIA announces new services and partnerships to bring AI to all industries

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NVIDIA has announced a wide range of partnerships with major businesses to introduce new artificial intelligence (AI) simulation, and collaboration capabilities across all industries while taking advantage of the lightning-fast pace of computing advancement.

NVIDIA has unveiled a suite of cloud services aimed at helping businesses develop and experiment with their own generative AI models. The company showcased its new Nvidia AI Foundations services at its annual GPU Technology Conference, which includes language, image, video, and 3D tools.

Advanced NVIDIA AI Foundation

NVIDIA has developed AI Foundations services, which comprise NVIDIA NeMo for constructing personalized language text-to-text generative models, Picasso, a visual language model creation service for customers desiring to create custom models trained with licensed or proprietary content, and BioNeMo, which assists researchers in the drug discovery industry.

NVIDIA has joined hands with Adobe to build an advanced set of AI capabilities for the future of creativity. Additionally, Getty Images is partnering with NVIDIA to develop responsible generative text-to-image and text-to-video foundation models, while Shutterstock is working with NVIDIA to create a generative text-to-3D foundation model to streamline the production of intricate 3D assets.

AI in medical research

NVIDIA has made significant strides in advancing medical research, with Amgen using BioNeMo to accelerate drug discovery services. Other early access users of BioNemo include Alchemab Therapeutics, AstraZeneca, Evozyne, Innophore, and Insilico. BioNeMo enables researchers to develop and refine customized models using their proprietary data.

Furthermore, NVIDIA has formed a partnership with Medtronic, the world’s largest healthcare technology provider, to develop an AI platform for software-defined medical devices. The collaboration aims to establish a common platform for Medtronic systems, spanning from surgical navigation to robotic-assisted surgery, utilizing advanced AI technology. This partnership has the potential to revolutionize the healthcare industry by incorporating cutting-edge AI technology into medical devices and systems.

Bringing Omniverse to millions of users

NVIDIA has partnered with Microsoft to launch NVIDIA Omniverse Cloud, a fully managed cloud service available to industries worldwide.

Omniverse would be available to hundreds of millions of Microsoft 365 and Azure users. NVIDIA also unveiled new NVIDIA OVX servers and a new generation of workstations powered by NVIDIA RTX Ada Generation GPUs and Intel’s latest CPUs, optimized for NVIDIA Omniverse.

AI supercomputing service with DGX Cloud

NVIDIA has unveiled a new AI supercomputing service called NVIDIA DGX Cloud, which offers enterprises a simple and efficient way to access the infrastructure and software required to train advanced models for generative AI and other innovative applications. The service includes dedicated clusters of NVIDIA DGX AI supercomputing combined with NVIDIA AI software, and can be accessed via a web browser, making it easy for any enterprise to utilize its own AI supercomputer without having to deal with the complexities of procuring, deploying, and managing on-premises infrastructure.

Companies can rent DGX Cloud clusters on a monthly basis, allowing them to easily scale the development of large, multinode training workloads without waiting for accelerated computing resources that are often in high demand. This service provides businesses with an efficient and cost-effective solution for accessing cutting-edge AI technology.

NVIDIA has entered into partnerships with top cloud service providers to host DGX Cloud infrastructure, starting with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). The OCI RDMA Supercluster offers a specialized RDMA network, bare metal compute, and high-performance local and block storage that can be scaled to superclusters featuring more than 32,000 GPUs. This collaboration enables enterprises to take advantage of the powerful capabilities of DGX Cloud on an advanced, purpose-built cloud platform.

Accelerating production of new chips

NVIDIA is enabling semiconductor leaders, including ASML, TSMC, and Synopsys, to accelerate the design and production of a new generation of chips, as current manufacturing processes reach the limits of what physics allows. NVIDIA has developed a groundbreaking solution called NVIDIA cuLitho, which incorporates accelerated computing into the field of computational lithography.

The latest-generation NVIDIA Hopper architecture GPUs are being integrated into TSMC’s software, manufacturing processes, and systems, along with the new NVIDIA cuLitho software library for computational lithography.

Electronic design automation leader Synopsys is also integrating cuLitho into their software. Chip-making equipment provider ASML is working closely with NVIDIA on GPUs and cuLitho, planning to integrate support for GPUs into all their computational lithography software products. With the introduction of cuLitho, NVIDIA is enabling the industry to push beyond the limits of physics and achieve chip manufacturing at 2nm and beyond.

By leveraging the power of computing advancement, these cloud services can help enterprises develop their own AI models to enhance their business operations. As AI continues to transform various industries, it’s crucial for companies to stay ahead of the game and take advantage of this technology.

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