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NVIDIA accelerates AI innovation, expands Google partnership and launches 6G Research Cloud

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Google Cloud and NVIDIA have announced an expanded partnership aimed at empowering the machine learning (ML) community with cutting-edge technology to streamline the development, scaling, and management of generative AI applications. This collaboration aims to deliver significant advancements in AI capabilities to developers and enterprises.

As part of this collaboration, Google is integrating the new NVIDIA Grace Blackwell AI computing platform and the NVIDIA DGX Cloud service into Google Cloud. Moreover, the NVIDIA H100-powered DGX™ Cloud platform is now generally available on Google Cloud.

Expanding on their recent collaboration to optimize the Gemma family of open models, Google will also incorporate NVIDIA NIM inference microservices. This integration will give developers an open and flexible platform for training and deploying models using their preferred tools and frameworks. Additionally, both companies have announced support for JAX on NVIDIA GPUs and Vertex AI instances, powered by NVIDIA H100 and L4 Tensor Core GPUs.

The integration of NVIDIA’s technologies into Google Cloud provides the AI community with cutting-edge capabilities across the entire AI stack. The adoption of the new NVIDIA Grace Blackwell platform by Google enables organizations to execute real-time inference tasks on trillion-parameter large language models (LLMs), driving advancements in natural language processing and other AI applications.

Moreover, Google will introduce NVIDIA GB200 NVL72 systems, featuring 72 Blackwell GPUs and 36 Grace CPUs interconnected by fifth-generation NVLink, into its cloud infrastructure. These systems, optimized for energy-efficient training and inference, will be available via DGX Cloud, providing an agile and scalable environment for enterprise developers building and deploying LLMs.

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NVIDIA’s 6G Research Cloud Platform to advance wireless communications with AI

The convergence between 6G and AI is expected to reshape interactions with the digital world and foster innovation and connectivity. Realizing this, NVIDIA has unveiled the 6G Research Cloud Platform, aimed at advancing wireless communications through AI. The platform aims to drive the next phase of wireless technology development by bringing together leading industry players and researchers.

Among the first adopters and ecosystem partners are Ansys, Arm, ETH Zurich, Fujitsu, Keysight, Nokia, Northeastern University, Rohde & Schwarz, Samsung, SoftBank Corp., and Viavi.

The 6G Research Cloud Platform offered by NVIDIA is designed to be open, flexible, and interconnected, providing researchers with a comprehensive suite of tools to advance AI for radio access network (RAN) technology. This platform enables organizations to accelerate the development of 6G technologies, which will connect trillions of devices and underpin a hyper-intelligent world characterized by autonomous vehicles, smart spaces, extended reality experiences, and collaborative robots.

Comprising three foundational elements, namely the NVIDIA Aerial Omniverse Digital Twin for 6G, NVIDIA Aerial CUDA-Accelerated RAN, and NVIDIA Sionna Neural Radio Framework, the 6G Research Cloud Platform provides researchers with powerful tools to simulate, customize, program, and test 6G networks effectively.

The NVIDIA 6G Research Cloud platform empowers telecommunications companies to harness the complete potential of 6G and lay the groundwork for the forthcoming era of wireless technology.

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