Nutanix launches Xi Cloud Services – new suite of offerings for Modern Multicloud Era

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Leading cloud computing provider – Nutanix, recently announced the general availability of its Xi Cloud Services – new suite of offerings to create more unified fabric across multiple cloud environments.

The new offerings have been designed to enable IT team run their applications on the suitable platform without being restricted by any technology limitations.

The Xi cloud services include five different offerings including the disaster recovery service Xi Leap, which is an extension of Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform offering disaster-recovery-as-a-service.

Nutanix has been working on the Xi service since its .NEXT 2017 conference.

The company looks forward to delivering a true hybrid cloud experience that can harmonize the architecture of private and public cloud. The launch of Xi Cloud services is a step towards achieving this goal.

Dheeraj Pandey, CEO, Nutanix said, “ It has been our mission since we were founded to make infrastructure invisible to our customers, so they can focus on their applications, not where the applications reside. Xi Cloud Services is the next evolution in that journey as we help our customers achieve invisible, together.”

Xi Leap:  

Xi Leap is a turnkey and highly integrated service that can intelligently protect applications and data stored in a Nutanix environment. It eliminates the need to purchase or maintain separate infrastructure stacks.

The customers can select virtual machines (VMs) from the Nutanix Prism management console for complete protection, and later drag-and-drop them into their cloud environment.

The ability to replicate customer’s data center in a cloud, ensures that the data is always protected.

Other Cloud Services:

The five cloud service including the Xi Leap, not only combines the ability to harmonize operations and standardize workflows across environments, but it also blurs the line between multiple clouds for data protection, edge locations and application delivery requirement.

These services are offered as a part of Nutanix Enterprise and include:

Xi Leap: The cloud-based DR service to protect critical company data.

Xi Frame: A unique desktop-as-a-service offering. It is built from scratch for cloud deployment and has now been integrated for role-based access control.

Xi Beam: It is a cost optimization and governance tool for multi-cloud environments which can reduce cost and improve cloud security across various platforms, private and public.

Xi Epoch: The service is designed to provide bird view of application performance bottlenecks through Google-map like view of applications. The observability and application monitoring solution can solve availability issues in multi-cloud environment.

Xi IoT: It is an intelligent edge computing platform that can process sensor and device data pipelines in real-time. It moves this filtered data back into the customer’s cloud platform, facilitating long term decision making. It allows companies to derive more value from the data at the edge.

Company has made the Nutanix Cloud Services available and availability of Nutanix Leap has been announced in East and West Zones in the United States.


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