New updates to OneDrive and SharePoint to improve user experience

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At Microsoft Ignite this year, the overall focus is on innovation in Microsoft products that can make the life of the customers easier. While OneDrive team announced various innovative features that will make it easier for employees to work collaboratively, harness knowledge collectively and will help transform business processes, the SharePoint team announced a simple, free, fast migration tool for migrating content from on premise SharePoint file shares and sites to OneDrive or SharePoint in Office 365.

New updates to OneDrive

OneDrive will now have Files On-Demand feature that will let the users preview more than 270 different files types without installing that application. This feature is currently available via a web app on Windows 10 Fall Creators Update desktop.

For enhanced user experience, OneDrive web UI is going to be cleaner, faster, and more intuitive. The new content shared and the people who are accessing that content, can be quickly seen using People Card and Info Pane. The updated UI enhances sharing experiences across Windows, Mac and Web.

Following are the other new features of OneDrive-

• Microsoft Azure ADAL (Active Directory Authentication Library) will now support account config and silent sync for OneDrive.

• Microsoft has combined the power of Windows AutoPilot with Windows 10 RS3, Exchange Online w/ Office Click to Run and OneDrive files On-Demand with ADAL, so that IT administrators can access a fully powered PC without physically touching the device.

• DRM (Digital Rights Management) and IRM (Information Rights Management) libraries can now be synced in OneDrive.

• External users without Microsoft Service Account will be able to access content in OneDrive by creating a OTP.

• The mobile features too have been updated to easily access, share and manage files on the go. The mobile and desktop notifications let the users see when shared files are opened or changed. Customers can use Android App to access on-premises data.

• With new Multi-Geo feature, organizations can control employees on an individual basis.

• Customers can encrypt OneDrive and SharePoint data at rest by Service Level Encryption with Customer Key. The self-service users can migrate from shared drives to OneDrive on their own. The new File Restore feature provides self-service recovery from disasters.

• For faster work experience, OneDrive files will be on edit mode whenever they are opened.

SharePoint Migration Tool

The SharePoint migration tool will help organizations migrate the on-premise data to cloud easily. It includes latest intelligence, collaboration and security solutions, with which the information can be brought to the cloud just with a few clicks.

The new migration tool supports the migration of all sizes. It also provides information about existing and completed migration task reports so that any issue occurred during migration can be resolved.

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Microsoft is announcing new innovations every day during its Ignite conference, to empower organizations and enterprises share and work together, to inform and engage people, to transform business processes, and to harness collective knowledge. Stay tuned with us for all the new innovations shared at Ignite.

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