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New Salesforce Data and AI Innovations for Retail Help Businesses Drive Efficiency and Deliver Connected Shopping Experiences

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Powered by the Einstein 1 Platform, new commerce and marketing AI for retail tools help businesses enhance shopping experiences with shopper insights, digital storefronts, AI content creation, and more

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today at NRF 2024, Salesforce (NYSE: CRM), the #1 AI CRM, announced new data and AI-powered tools to transform every shopping experience. With generative AI built into Commerce Cloud and Marketing Cloud, retail merchandisers and marketers can tap into generative tools with a real-time understanding of customer behavior and preferences to optimize every customer interaction — increasing loyalty, driving revenue, and boosting employee productivity.

These new retail innovations are powered by the Einstein 1 Platform. The Einstein 1 Platform connects seamlessly with retail or shopper data, securely integrating with large language models (LLMs) to ensure real-time context, brand voice consistency, data governance, and security. This delivers entirely new shopper, merchandiser, and retail marketer experiences with connected data and AI powered apps.

Why it matters: Eighty-three percent of global retailers have seen operational efficiency improvements with AI, according to new Salesforce data. And 63% of marketers say that trusted customer data is important to implementing generative AI in their businesses. Retailers need a solution that can bring all of their customer data together into one, trusted platform and use it to power the most efficient, AI-driven retail experiences.

Salesforce perspective: “Companies that leverage their customer’s data effectively to build trusted, connected commerce experiences will see stronger customer loyalty and profitability,” said Jujhar Singh, EVP & GM, Salesforce Customer 360 Applications and Industries. “Every business must focus on driving efficiency and growth with new integrated and AI-powered innovations that enable a faster path to purchase and greater customer satisfaction.”

What’s new for shoppers:

  • Einstein Copilot for Shoppers, a new extension of Einstein Copilot, is a consumer-facing version of the generative AI assistant that powers personalized conversations with shoppers. Customers can find products and make purchases faster using natural language interactions on retailers’ channels like digital storefronts and messaging apps. For example, a shopper in the Pacific Northwest can tell Einstein Copilot for Shoppers they need supplies for a camping trip. Based on existing customer data, such as the shopper’s location, preferences, and past purchases, Einstein Copilot for Shoppers can recommend a waterproof and windproof tent in their preferred color along with a link for immediate checkout.

What’s new for retail merchandisers:

  • Page Designer uses generative AI-powered natural language prompts to design, build, and customize ecommerce sites and pages more quickly. For example, a merchandiser can easily build a campaign landing page for a new line of running shoes by inputting a few prompts into Page Designer to quickly generate a new web page that mirrors the branding on its existing storefront.
  • Return Insights in Order Management analyzes data, looks at patterns in returns activity, and uses AI to prompt retailers to make product display changes that minimize future returns. It also uses sentiment analysis to assess commentary on product reviews and return reason codes to then recommend actions that quickly address issues with specific products.
  • Inventory Insights gives digital retailers a clear view of available inventory so they can ensure products remain in stock whenever possible. With near real-time access to inventory data and insights, retailers can easily manage inventory reservations and product holds, anticipate new inventory demand, and give customer service reps product recommendations that they can add to a cart for their customer.
  • Customer and Product Insights uses data from Commerce Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Data Cloud to help merchandisers better visualize trends, such as the top product bundles sold and the most engaged shopper demographics, to build new targeted commerce experiences.

What’s new for retail marketers:

  • Global Promotion Management helps retailers bring together customer marketing and promotions data with predictive insights to forecast potential promotion revenue, so retailers can easily coordinate pricing and rewards initiatives for both loyalty members and non-loyalty customers. Using guided setup with pre-defined promotion templates, marketers can quickly define, launch, and distribute omni-channel promotions with discounts and loyalty rewards to better engage with their customer base.
  • Referral Marketing helps brands launch referral programs and quickly improve conversion with pre-built templates and a built-in ‘Likely to Refer’ AI tool to identify customers with the highest likelihood of participating in referral programs. Brands can now review trends and fine-tune promotions to create connected experiences across interactive email campaigns, landing pages, A/B testing, and send-time personalization.
  • Segment Creation helps retailers improve targeting and personalization using generative AI prompts, with trusted data from Data Cloud. Now, retailers can build new segments in minutes that can be activated across marketing, commerce, service touch points for tailored journeys, offers, and recommendations across the shopper experience.
  • Content Creation for Marketing Cloud Engagement helps retail marketers solve content bottlenecks in their campaign and personalization strategy. Using natural language prompts powered by generative AI — grounded by first-party data within the Einstein Trust Layer — marketers can automatically create personalized on-brand visual content, email subject lines, and body copy at scale to improve customer satisfaction and conversion.

Customer perspective: “At Shoe Carnival, we pride ourselves on delivering fun, personalized shopping experiences for our customers and loyalty members, both in our stores and online. Salesforce’s unified platform empowers us to leverage data and AI to deliver a tailored omni-channel retail experience across marketing, commerce, service, and loyalty management.” – Kent Zimmerman, VP, ecommerce & CRM at Shoe Carnival

In addition to new commerce and marketing AI product innovations, today Salesforce announced a series of solutions for theft, media networks, employee productivity, and real estate that help retailers better manage operations and create new revenue streams.


  • Einstein Copilot for Shoppers is in pilot and will be generally available in summer 2024.
  • Page Designer is currently in pilot.
  • Return Insights in Order Management is generally available today.
  • Customer and Product Insights Dashboard and Inventory Insights are in pilot and will be generally available in summer 2024.
  • Global Promotion Management is in pilot and will be generally available in spring 2024.
  • Referral Marketing is generally available today.
  • Segment Creation is in pilot and will be generally available in spring 2024.
  • Content Creation is generally available today.

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