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Microsoft 365 updated with new features focused on productivity, cloud transition and support

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Microsoft is adding new features to Microsoft 365 to improve productivity, help users transition to cloud, and provide better support.

The new features particularly enhance the look and feel of content in documents and presentations. These include embedding 3D animations in Word and PowerPoint to enhance the comprehension and retention of content.

Users who draw diagrams and write words using digital pen ink on PowerPoint slides, will be able to convert them into shapes and text. This functionality will require users to either have Microsoft 365 or Office 365 subscription and an ink/touch compatible device.

Subscribers of Office 365 or Microsoft 365 will also be able to convert text into curated slide recommendations. Microsoft has powered Designer in PowerPoint with artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing to provide slide recommendations on the basis of words in a slide.

These recommendations can include design themes and intelligent SmartArt and icons.

Microsoft Word will allow subscribers to easily edit the documents using gestures with a digital pen. For example, users can add new lines, missing words, delete highlighted content, bold or italicize words, and more. All this can be done just with gestures in Ink Editor.

Another Word feature rolling out is Transform to Web, which Microsoft says, will allow users to convert Word documents into interactive webpages.

“Transform to Web offers a variety of styles that look great on any device, helping you easily publish a wide variety of polished content, including newsletters and training manuals,” wrote Kirk Koenigsbauer, Corporate Vice President for Microsoft 365, in a blog post.

The above new features have already started rolling out this month.

Coming to the new tools for transition to cloud, the tech giant has launched a new SharePoint Migration Tool. It will allow commercial users to move their existing content from SharePoint, OneDrive and File Share to SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, and Microsoft Teams.

SharePoint Migration Tool is now available at no additional cost.

Desktop App Assure, another new feature, is aimed to assist users who face app compatibility issues at the time of deploying Windows 10, Office 365 ProPlus and feature updates.

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Additionally, Microsoft is providing new help and support pane for to help users with common issues in the app. The aim of this feature is to allow users resolve the issues without leaving the app.

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