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Microsoft introduces new features in Excel that make formulas easier

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Microsoft Excel formulas

Microsoft is pushing the boundaries of convenience and simplicity with a new set of features for their popular spreadsheet service Excel.

Excel web and Windows users, get ready for some awesome new features that will revolutionize the way you work! Microsoft has just released a host of functionalities designed to maximize efficiency. From Formula Suggestions & ‘Formula by Example’, making computations easier; to suggested links, IMAGE function & search bar in the Queries pane- these additions are sure to save precious time while helping learn more about Excel formulas. On top of this, Windows Insiders have access to even more capabilities with data from dynamic arrays and nested Power Query types.

Formula Suggestions

EXCEL formula suggestions

After you type the “=” sign in a cell or the formula bar, Excel will automatically suggest the best formula based on contextual information from your data. It will suggest formulas for SUM, AVERAGE, COUNT, COUNTA, MIN, and MAX. This feature is only available in English currently and is being released to web users who are in production.

Formula by Example

formula by example

As you are entering data manually into a column in Excel, it will now suggest that you fill the entire column with a formula if it identifies a pattern. This is similar to Flash Fill, but now formulas can be suggested instead of static text.

Suggested Links

link suggestions

The Suggested Links feature allows you to store new cloud workbooks for data that detects when an external link to a Cloud workbook is broken. It also suggests you a new location to fix the broken link. At present this feature is rolling out to Production.

IMAGE Function

inserting image

Based on the feedback received from users, Microsoft has announced that images can now be part of the worksheet, instead of floating on top. This means that you can move and resize cells, sort, and filter, and work with images within an Excel table. This feature unlocks and facilitates many new scenarios, such as tracking inventories, creating employee dashboards, or building games and brackets. The feature is currently rolling out to Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android users.

In addition to the above features, Microsoft now allows users to add a keyboard shortcut to open the Power Query editor. By pressing Alt + F12 (Win32) or Option + F12 (Mac), users can open the Power Query Editor quickly.

For Windows Insiders, you can now organize your data better by creating nested data types (Power Query Data Types with multiple levels).

Microsoft had previously added Group operations to the Queries Pane in Excel for the Web for all Office 365 Subscribers with Business or Enterprise plans, enabling better sorting of queries and performing various operations on query groups.

Last month, Microsoft announced some new features for users of Excel on Windows and Mac. These features include the ability to show changes and to insert data from pictures. For web users, there is also a new feature called Chart Data Foils, which allows you to see a visual indicator highlighting the cell range used for charts.

In 2022, Microsoft demonstrated its commitment to catering to user feedback throughout the year with helpful additions such as autocomplete for dropdown lists, automatic data conversion settings, and the new paste option using Ctrl+Shift+V. It also enhanced collaborative working practices, providing users with improved capabilities such as check performance, text-array functions, and DAX functions in data models. Furthermore, continued improvements were made to Power Query, assigning tasks with @mention became available; natural language query was implemented along with Office Scripts and data from picture feature.

Image and source credit: Microsoft

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