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New edition of Salesforce’s Financial Services Cloud to take banks to cloud

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Salesforce, the global CRM leader, announced a new edition of its Financial Services Cloud which will enable retail banks to deliver highly personalized, intelligent and connected banking experiences that consumers expect.

Salesforce had introduced its first Financial Services Cloud application for transforming the way finance industry engage with their clients and their families, two years ago. The new edition, built on world’s #1 CRM platform, will focus on the way how banks engage with their customers.

“Banks are no longer just competing against one another. They’re being compared to any company providing a convenient user experience that builds loyalty,” said Rohit Mahna, SVP and GM of Financial Services, Salesforce. “With Financial Services Cloud for Retail Banking, Salesforce is making it possible for customers to love their banks again.”

Using Financial Cloud Services for Retail Banking, all customer data will be managed within a role-based banking console in order to gain maximum productivity and better customer engagement. The bankers can combine information from multiple systems and create to-do lists to stay on top of critical tasks all the time. It will also enable immediate routing of customers to help them find the right bank employee for relevant solutions.

Salesforce Einstein will power this application and with its data science and machine learning capabilities, bankers can select and take action on high priority referrals depending on insights and intelligent scoring. It will also help bankers manage referrals and collaborate across different divisions for addressing financial requirements per customer preferences.

With flexible APIs and rich partner ecosystem, banks can extend the functionality of their Financial Services Cloud and fulfil their evolving requirements. There won’t be any need of toggling between disparate systems and silos for managing banking processes.

The Salesforce Financial Services Cloud for Retail Banking is expected to be generally available this month.

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