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New Cloud Service Map from Microsoft compares all services of Azure and AWS

New Cloud Service Map from Microsoft compares all services of Azure and AWS

Microsoft has introduced a new cloud service map to make it easier for users to quickly compare cloud computing portfolios of Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS). The cloud service map covers the cloud capabilities of Azure and AWS in all categories and shows exactly what you need to know when going for either of the cloud platforms.

The cloud computing has grown over the years, and with Azure and AWS leading the cloud market, the users often wonder which way to go. The new service map helps them decide their way with comparison between IT capabilities of Azure and AWS, whether they are planning a multi-cloud solution or simple migration.

The cloud service map is a guide laid out in a convenient table that helps easily learn about each service the user is interested in. The Azure cloud service map has been categorized into 13 sections. Few comparisons have been shared below.

  • Database

• Internet of Things (IoT)

• Mobile Services

• Enterprise Integration

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Other than the above-mentioned sections, the new service map also covers marketplace, compute, storage, networking and content delivery, analytics and big data, intelligence, management and monitoring, security, and developer tools.

Find all the comparisons here.

Images source: Microsoft Azure blog

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