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6 exciting new ChatGPT features to look out for

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OpenAI has revealed a wave of innovative updates that are set to transform the capabilities and user interactions of its popular chatbot, ChatGPT. These upcoming ChatGPT features promise to enhance the way users engage with AI, offering a more intuitive and dynamic experience across various domains.

These enhancements are slated for rollout within the upcoming week.

6 new ChatGPT features you can see soon

chatGPT features

  1. Prompt Examples

ChatGPT’s conversation initiation process will become more user-friendly and engaging, with the introduction of prompt examples. Recognizing the challenges users face with a blank canvas, ChatGPT will now provide sample prompts at the start of conversations, fostering seamless and insightful dialogues.

This is how a new chat page now looks like:

prompt examples

  1. Suggested Replies

OpenAI is aiming to enrich conversations by introducing ‘suggested replies.’ This addition aims to empower users with relevant and contextually appropriate options for continuing discussions. By simplifying the process of exploring various aspects of a topic, users can engage in more comprehensive and interactive exchanges with ChatGPT.

  1. GPT-4 As Default Model

ChatGPT is embracing the advanced capabilities of its latest model, GPT-4. This cutting-edge model will serve as the new default for Plus users, accompanied by a message cap of 50 every three hours. The seamless transition to GPT-4 upon starting a conversation ensures a streamlined experience, eliminating the need to revert to GPT-3.5 and optimizing user interactions.

  1. Upload Multiple Files

Leveraging the power of the Code Interpreter beta, ChatGPT now empowers Plus users to delve into comprehensive data analysis after uploading multiple files. ChatGPT will generate valuable insights and interpretations, transforming complex data sets into actionable information. Elevating the analytical landscape, this feature offers a versatile toolkit for in-depth exploration and strategic decision-making.

  1. Stay Logged In

OpenAI has revamped the login experience, discarding the previous two-week log-out policy. Users can now enjoy extended login sessions, remaining logged in for extended periods. The revamped login page offers a welcoming and user-friendly interface, promoting a seamless user journey.

  1. Keyboard Shortcuts

In a bid to enhance productivity, ChatGPT is rolling out a range of convenient keyboard shortcuts. From copying code blocks with (Ctrl) + Shift + C to accessing a comprehensive list of shortcuts by pressing (Ctrl) + /, these shortcuts are poised to expedite tasks and enhance accessibility for all users.

Here is a snapshot of the ChatGPT keyboard shortcuts.

ChatGPT keyboard shortcuts

These new features can completely change how people interact with AI, making conversations more exciting and natural in different areas. OpenAI has also made a big step by releasing the ChatGPT app for Android on the Google Play Store, following the iOS version’s triumphant launch in May. This move aims to broaden its user reach. The combination of these developments presents a compelling vision for the future of AI-driven conversations that is not only convenient, but also enriching and transformative.

Featured image credits: Pixabay

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