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NetApp’s Elio and Active IQ to transform digital customer experience

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NetApp recently announced that its new services, software, and solutions will include Digital Support featuring Elio and NetApp Active IQ to provide its customers with an insight driven digital experience. The release of Elio, the new AI-enabled virtual support assistant, and NetApp Active IQ cloud-based analytics will help companies gain intelligent insights so that they can spend time with their customers rather on their infrastructure.

The new tools are supported by NetApp’s deep knowledge base, predictive analytics, proactive support, and cognitive computing. These will allow customers to utilize full potential of data fabric both on premises and in the cloud, and focus more on their business.

NetApp, the data authority in a hybrid cloud world, built the Digital Support featuring Elio powered by IBM Watson to enable customers save time, get increased reliability, and focus on higher-value initiatives like digital transformation. Elio can extract value and manage data four times faster than traditional methods. It also includes 24/7 Elio chat online access, and search-engine access to technical resources of NetApp without logging in to the Support site.

“NetApp needed to set Elio apart from other chat bots and assistants and worked with IBM Services to do just that,” said Bruce Anderson, Global Managing Director, Electronics Industry, IBM. “Working with NetApp and leveraging Watson capabilities, we have created a superior digital experience for NetApp customers, through multiple digital channels, in real time. We look forward to continuing our partnership with NetApp.”

Active IQ provides intelligent insight from cloud-based analytics to companies which combines proactive support and predictive analytics. It also enhances the storage efficiency and configuration compliance. The Active IQ includes new features like Risk Advisor, Storage Efficiency Advisor, and Interoperability Advisor to enhance the storage efficiency and configuration compliance, and reduce the risks. It also provides rich insights access and predictive analytics for all NetApp products, and secure visibility into entire data fabric in a single view.

NetApp’s Elio and Active IQ are now available with no additional cost across the NetApp portfolio, including NetApp All Flash FAS (AFF), FAS, SolidFire, AltaVault, E-Series, EF-Series, StorageGRID, ONTAP Cloud, and ONTAP Select products.

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