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NetApp launches new data-driven services for cloud, hybrid cloud and multi-cloud

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NetApp HCI and other services

NetApp is making data management easier for enterprises, with the new data-driven services for cloud, hybrid cloud and multi-cloud environments.

Announced at NetApp Insight conference, the new services include NetApp Cloud Insights, Azure NetApp Files, Cloud Volumes ONTAP, NetApp HCI, SaaS Backup and NetApp Data Availability Services.

“Whether you are a Developer building a new best-in-class application or a Data Scientist using big data in the cloud, only NetApp Cloud Data Services can provide you with enterprise-class solutions,” wrote NetApp in a blog post.

NetApp Cloud Insights is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) product built for dynamic and hybrid cloud-based infrastructure. It will help enterprises to monitor infrastructure and optimize costs.

Azure NetApp Files is a file storage service that has been integrated with Microsoft Azure. It will provide high performance, advanced data management, and security to customers shifting their workloads to Azure.

For data control, cost efficiency and business continuity, the company has rolled out NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP.

NetApp HCI and SaaS Backup will help enterprises to accelerate the deployment of new services. NetApp HCI is a hybrid cloud infrastructure architecture that “enables the true business value of hyperconvergence by making it meet enterprise requirements.”

Whereas, SaaS Backup will backup and restore the data of Office 365, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business to secondary locations in cloud or on premises.

NetApp has designed the architecture of its Data Availability Services for hybrid cloud, so that customers get reduced cost and complexity of data backup. It migrates the data up to cloud and allow reuse of the copy in cloud.

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“We bring together everything you need—related products, services, and third-party applications. To keep up with today’s fast-paced and demanding business environment, NetApp cloud solutions offer your business-scalable and business-centric approaches that work with your existing investments,” added NetApp.

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