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At Community by NASSCOM Insights, we talk about the latest insights from the global and Indian technology industry across different verticals and categories. In case you have missed, signing-up to one of the largest tech community in India, here’s your fortnightly dose of what happened in the technology arena in the last two weeks.



Make space, Customer Delight. Here comes Developer Delight! [IBM India]
As per Nasscom, India’s cloud talent pool is expected to grow 2.4X to nearly 1.5mn by 2025. However, there is an urgent need to scale talent further and, also, retain this crucial talent…[read more]

Why cloud first and cloud now is the most urgent business strategy? [EY Global Delivery Services]
The COVID-19 crisis has intensified the need for businesses to complete their cloud ecosystem strategy. The benefits are multiple — not just for businesses, but also for customers. The pandemic has disrupted the ways of working for highly successful global industries…[read more]

Advanced Artificial Intelligence Based Chatbots Help Save Time In Customer Service [ThinkPalm]
Nowadays, chatbots are not just about providing quick resolution to customer inquiries, they have become advanced enough to understand customer emotions and predict behavior. Data Analytics and Machine Learning with chatbots can be used to identify customer demands and industry trends…[read more]
AI for Sustainability: Arresting Climate Change, Building a Robust Circular Economy [HCL Technologies]
As the world races ahead economically, socially, and technologically, the climate and the environment that feeds our progress are also changing, and not for better. To put that in perspective, the 2021 Earth Overshoot Day – the day of the year when the cumulative demand of ecological supplies in the form of environmental resources and services exceeds what the Earth can generate in a year – was as early as July 29…[read more]
High-speed nut counting based on Computer Vision[Ignitarium]
“I feel the need, the need for speed”, a famous quote from the Hollywood movie ‘Top Gun’ rings true for most engineers. We strive to make existing algorithms, software and hardware run faster and faster. This blog post explains the design of one such high-speed, high-accuracy solution developed: a computer vision based solution for industrial part counting…[read more]
Digital Health – A New Paradigm [QuestGlobal]
The article talks about the revolution in Healthcare in the last 2 years (accelerated by Covid) and the ascendency of Digital Health. With the new paradigm comes new Currency (data), Treasury (big tech funds and gig economy), Regulatory reforms (FDA, IEC.), Language (techno-geek talk – API, AI, ML, Cloud, and SAAS), Legislations (Privacy and Health record accessibility) and new age crimes (Cyber villains)…[read more]
5 Trends that are Influencing the Adoption of DevOps[Kovair]
DevOps and DevSecOps have seen unprecedented growth in the working of several firms and the way they approach software development and management. Terms like DevOps are often confused with general expressions like organized and executed software development. But these concern specific tools and practices in the tech world…[read more]
Digital or Death: Building New-Age Capabilities for Human Centric Innovation [L&T Technology Services]
Have you ever tried putting on your shoes in hurry, only to realize that you had them the other way on? In case you have, take heart from the fact that over the last 200 odd years millions have shared in the faux pas – thanks to the enterprising William Young of Philadelphia, who introduced differentiated left and right shoes way back in 1817…[read more]
Connecting Experiences On Digital[CSM Technologies]
Today, Digital Experience Management (DXM) is more than an addictive catchword. And, you know how User Experience (UX) is more important than the product or quality to keep customers glued to your brand on the digital territory. DXM is the smart platform that helps companies align channels, manage content and deliver omnichannel experience to the customers…[read more]
Acquiring real-time visibility in manufacturing for effective track and trace [ITC Infotech]
Ambitious ideas invariably lead to positive outcomes. Sometimes it may not be the targeted outcome, but the results justify the effort. This was the case with a client who is a leader in manufacturing technologically advanced two-wheeler automobiles. An engagement to enable automobile component traceability began for the client after it anticipated regulations related to emission standards. ..[read more]
How the Healthcare Sector is Leveraging IoT[Ravishankar Rao(Cisco Engineering India)]
The Internet & Information technology have disrupted all industries. Healthcare is no different. In many ways, the healthcare industry now is at the forefront of technology adoption. Among the technology movements taking this sector by storm is the Internet of Things (IoT). Improving efficiencies, enhancing care quality, improving patient outcomes and satisfaction, and reducing the cost of healthcare are just some of the areas that where IoT is already at work…[read more]
Zero Trust Strategy, State of the Art Security Solution for Cloud Computing[iauro]
The advent of cloud computing has brought many unexpected changes. As productivity and profitability hit new heights, the world was in awe as AWS, Azure, and GCP changed the culture. With improved availability and scalability, cloud computing has ushered in a new era in computing…[read more]
Trends in Autonomous Driving & Battery Management[Satyam Venture Engineering Services Pvt Ltd]
Automotive industry moving quickly towards Autonomous Driving and adoption of EV technology. Some of the advanced technology concepts could potentially benefit companies to reduce the development time and time to Market…[read more]
The Circular Economy and its implications for India[Ravishankar Rao(Cisco Engineering India)]
In the late 1950s, Professor Charles David Keeling, a geochemist, installed a couple of machines on top of Mauna Loa, a volcano in Hawaii, to measure atmospheric carbon. Fossil fuel consumption had started to increase and there was a suggested link between atmospheric carbon and the burning of fossil fuels…[read more]


GIFT City – India’s First fully operational Smart City [Colliers]
Like any other industry, banking industry has always been able to recover from financial downturns and crisis. The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic has also paved the way for banks across the globe think differently. Banks in 2026 or maybe 2030-how will they look or what are the changes which will drive them?…[read more]

Tech Trends that are reshaping the Retail Industry [IVL Global]
Blockchain technology is revolutionary, and its ubiquity across industries is overwhelming. While it is still too early to categorize it as an alpha solution to many of the existing industrial security and trust issues, it is good to know that blockchain technology is undoubtedly growing, and its use is entering the realm of both small and large businesses around the world…[read more]




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