Moldova Digital Summit 2023: Moldova emerges as the premier tech hub in central and eastern Europe

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Moldova digital summit 2023

Moldova is a regional leader in digitalization, and currently 40% of public services intended for the general population, especially for entrepreneurs, are available online. Looking to maintain the digitalization trend, the Government of Moldova’s aim is to double the number of public services intended for citizens in the next year. The most important pillar for Moldova to become a true digital and innovation hub in Central and Eastern Europe is creating a complex platform providing access to important technological resources, expertise, know-how, as well as collaboration and investment opportunities.

The latest Moldova Digital Summit was the largest event dedicated to Moldova’s digital transformation and technological innovations, attended by 2,500 participants, including 68 speakers, experts and leaders of tech and business communities from 30 countries.

Moldova digital summit

The theme of the event “Evolve towards a Borderless Future” shows the direction in which Moldova is heading, shaped by global trends. At the forefront of the summit’s presentations, panels, roundtables and workshops stood the Artificial Intelligence session with speakers from world-renowned technology companies such as Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, Orange and Pentalog as well as forefront thinkers from UC Berkeley.

The G2C borders was also challenged to disappear through the launch of Moldova Government super app “EVO”, which is developed by e Governance Agency with the support of international donors mainly USAID, Sweden, UKaid, World Bank and UNDP. The super app will provide Moldovans with access to all public services at their fingertips, and will fundamentally transform the citizen-state connection, reducing bureaucracy, corruption and waiting time. In addition, The e Governance Agency of Moldova signed a Memorandum of Understanding for Digital Transformation with Romania. The document is the roadmap for the development of a common digital space between the two countries by consolidating a common digital infrastructure for electronic public services, facilitating investments and innovative entrepreneurship in the field of information technology and cyber security.

Moldova awards

The first day of the summit culminated with the inaugural Moldova Innovation Awards, a celebration of creativity and tech innovation, held in a grand ceremony that underscored the tremendous potential of Moldova’s tech and creative sectors. With over 55 applications from 41 tech and creative companies from Moldova, the awards have successfully spotlighted the transformative work that Moldova’s tech community is undertaking to revolutionize the future of digital solutions.

The Moldova Digital Summit proved to be an excellent occasion to highlight the industry’s achievements and importance to economic development. As of 2022 the ICT sector has recorded the highest growth rate among all sectors of the economy of over 45%, employs 3% of the active population, and has a significant contribution of about 7.4% to the country’s GDP accounting for 11% of country’s exports valued at over USD 500 million, thus being one of the priority development sectors for the Government of the Republic of Moldova.

All these achievements were not possible without the IT infrastructure and a facilitative business and legal environment. For example, Moldova has access to high-speed internet, which ranks it 6th for the lowest fixed broadband costs, enjoys 100% mobile network coverage and ranks 6th in broadband accessibility worldwide. At the regional level, Moldova offers the most attractive business incentives, such as a single tax of 7% on turnover within the Moldova Innovation and Technology Park (MITP) – a virtual park that combines EU best practices and simplifies bureaucratic procedures. So far, it has attracted 1600 residents – IT companies from 38 countries. Moreover, due to the platform provided by MITP – which was awarded the “Global Challenge Winner” in 2019, Moldova continued to advance on the path of digitalization and e-Governance, maintaining a constant dialogue about interoperability for the creation of a unified digital space and addressing the challenges that prevent the widespread adoption of these strategies.

These key features are now complemented by opportunities for remote work for MITP residents’ employees, IT Visa for hiring talent outside Moldova as well as the recently approved “contactless business” legislative package that reduces the burden and need for business founders to be physically present in the country.

As the Moldova Digital Summit 2023 draws to a close, it is evident that the achievements of the Moldovan IT sector have propelled the country to new heights in the tech industry. However, Moldova offers much more than just a thriving IT sector. With its world-renowned wines and Guinness World Record bearing wine cellars, it captivates visitors with a taste of unrivaled excellence. The untouched landscapes, unspoiled by mass tourism, provide a sanctuary for nature enthusiasts seeking to immerse themselves in breathtaking beauty. Moreover, the warm hospitality of the locals creates an inviting atmosphere, combined with the abundance of creative talent and a vibrant startup, innovation, and creative ecosystem, Moldova truly stands as a multifaceted gem, ready to welcome the world with open arms and endless opportunities for collaboration, growth, and exploration.

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